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Jerry Lewis  The Typewriter Song Tags: Jerry  Lewis    The  Typwritter  Song 
Added: 3rd September 2007
Views: 12869
Posted By: Cliffy
Flying Typewriter on Candid Camera Tags: Flying  Typewriter  on  Candid  Camera 
Added: 23rd November 2007
Views: 3905
Posted By: Freckles
1922 Remington Typewriter Ad Typewriters make me feel nostalgic. You never had to worry about them crashing. You never had to upgrade them. You could spill coffee all over the keyboard and they'd still work just fine.
Tags: typewriter  ad 
Added: 1st May 2008
Views: 1833
Posted By: Lava1964
 John Entwistle and his Chicago Typewriter The Ox showing us how he can change a situation to fit his needs.
Tags: Who  Entwistle  Tommy  Gun 
Added: 4th April 2008
Views: 1847
Posted By: kayAbee
1984 Canon Typewriter Commercial This is a fascinating 1984 commercial for Canon typewriters. This one has computer-like features to automatically line up decimals and make changes. In other words, it's heralding the very technology that will soon render it obsolete!
Tags: Canon  typewriter  commercial 
Added: 8th May 2008
Views: 1756
Posted By: Lava1964
Andy Rooney Compares Typewriters To Computers Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes compares his good old 1920 Underwood typewriter to modern computers.
Tags: Andy  Rooney  computers  typewriters 
Added: 11th June 2008
Views: 2940
Posted By: Lava1964
Smith Corona Typewriters Smith Corona manufactured quality typewriters for more than a century--from 1886 until 1995--and was very successful at doing so until the advent of personal computers. Smith Corona's directors steadfastly refused to accept the reality that newer technology was replacing typewriters. Instead of embracing computer word processing, Smith Corona kept trying to improve its typewriter which the public had no interest in buying anymore. The company laid of 750 workers and declared bankruptcy in 1995. Smith Corona didn't go completely under, however. It still exists today--ironically as a company that produces parts and technologies for computers.
Tags: Smith  Carona  typewriters 
Added: 19th May 2010
Views: 1349
Posted By: Lava1964
The Slap Maxwell Story Dabney Coleman played egotistical sportswriter Slap Maxwell in The Slap Maxwell Story--a short-lived "dramady" that ran for 22 episodes on ABC during the 1987-88 season. Maxwell was a thoroughly dislikable character. The old-school Maxwell wrote his column, Slap's Shots, on a manual typewriter. It was filled with libelous rumors and innuendos which caused his second-rate newspaper, The Ledger, to be the frequent recipient of lawsuits. Maxwell's personal life was also a mess. It included rocky relationships with his girlfriend, ex-wife, and estranged son. None of the 22 episodes had titles. Curiously, in 1983-84 Coleman had played a similarly dislikable TV talk show host in the equally short-lived NBC sitcom Buffalo Bill. It, though, was a favorite among critics and was nominated for several awards before being axed due to poor ratings.
Tags: Dabney  Coleman  Slap  Maxwell 
Added: 17th September 2011
Views: 1732
Posted By: Lava1964
KRON-TV computerizes newsroom A 1970s promotional film about KRON-TV San Francisco doing away with typewriters and installing a computer system in its newsroom
Tags: KRON-TV  computerizes  newsroom  Television  newsroom  news  computer  computerized  cpu   
Added: 5th August 2014
Views: 1458
Posted By: Steve

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