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Boris and Natasha i LOVE what the poster says!! wanted for: ESPIONAGE, MAYHEM, GENERAL MISCHIEF and OTHER HEINOUS CRIMES . . . lol . . . esp. the general mischief!!
Tags: cartoon  boris  badenov  natasha  fatale  mr  big  fearless  leader  bullwinkle  j  moose  rocket  j  squirrel  frostbite  falls 
Added: 4th July 2007
Views: 31689
Posted By: lambchop
Squirrels Remember these? Pull your fillings out, as a kid who cares. Penny Candy.
Tags: Yup 
Added: 27th March 2009
Views: 2023
Posted By: Marty6697
Squirrel is a Nut for Bud Another great ad from Bud Light
Tags: budweiser  commercial  squirrel 
Added: 19th December 2007
Views: 2557
Posted By: Guido
Tufty Tufty the squirrel was a 60's & early 70's public information films to teach children the dangers of the roads. These were shown on TV and in the cinemas. There was also a Tufty club which as a child, I was a member of, which entitled you to wear a Tufty badge and receive monthly magazines with all of Tufty's stories. Later replaced by the Green Cross Man, played by the actor who portrayed Darth Vader In the first three Star Wars films, Dave Prowse.
Tags: Public  Information  Road  Safety  Campaign  Tufty 
Added: 31st December 2007
Views: 1798
Posted By: donmac101
Secret Squirrel  Intro Tags: Secret  Squirrel  -  Intro    secret    squirrel    hanna    barbera    cartoon   
Added: 16th May 2008
Views: 4142
Posted By: BigBoy Bob
Justin Wilson Squirrel Hunting Justin was one of the best! Cajun Louisiana Style
Tags: Love  It! 
Added: 21st May 2008
Views: 1995
Posted By: Marty6697
The Voices of Bullwinkle and Rocky Tags: foray      scott      bullwinkle      squirrel      dudley      doright      peabody      cartoons     
Added: 6th March 2008
Views: 1837
Posted By: pfc
1999 Tennessee Roadkill Bill In March 1999 Tennessee's state legislature became the butt of jokes for debating a so-called 'Roadkill Bill.' The intent of the bill was to make animals killed on the state's highways the property of anyone who wanted the mangled carcasses, presumably for a meal. The bill stated, 'Wild animals accidentally killed by a motor vehicle may be possessed by any person for personal use and consumption.' Wrote one aghast New York Times columnist, 'In other words, it would be legal to eat roadkill. Legal to eat the thousands of squirrels, opossums, raccoons and rabbits that meet a painfully horizontal death every year beneath rubber tires. As if a state law were preventing anyone from scraping a happy meal off the asphalt. As if anyone would even dream of it.' In one of his Tonight Show monologues, Jay Leno comically suggested Tennessee's state motto ought to be changed to 'Fender-Licking Good.'
Tags: Tennessee  Roadkill  Bill  legislation 
Added: 2nd February 2011
Views: 4275
Posted By: Lava1964
Atom Ant - NBC Cartoon Show Atom Ant was an NBC cartoon show that aired from 1965 to 1968. It was about a super-powered, crime-fighting insect! Here is the opening sequence. Interestingly only 26 episodes were made--just enough for the 1965-66 season, but NBC continued to air them for a second season. In 1967, NBC aired them again, combining Atom Ant with another show, The Secret Squirrel, through the summer of 1968.
Tags: Atom  Ant  NBC  cartoon 
Added: 4th March 2015
Views: 1204
Posted By: Lava1964

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