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Rhinestone Cowboy Glen Campbell 1975
Tags: One  of  his  best  songs 
Added: 23rd February 2009
Views: 1571
Posted By: Marty6697
Father and Son and Ships by Barry Here are two of my favorite Barry Manilow songs, especially Ships. Barry so often seemed to echo my own thoughts and feelings, I think that's why I've always loved his music so much.
Tags: barry  manilow  father  and  son  ships 
Added: 22nd April 2009
Views: 1486
Posted By: Naomi
Ben Of all Michael's songs, I think this has to be one of the prettiest (IMO). I don't think of it as a tribute to a little rodent, I just think of it as a beautiful song.
Tags: michael  jackson  sonny  and  cher  comedy  hour  ben 
Added: 26th June 2009
Views: 2018
Posted By: Naomi
Lead Belly Pick a Bale of Cotton Huddie Ledbetter aka Lead Belly spent a good many years in prison and also known as a man who literally sang his way out of it. Lead Belly has had a lot of his music covered by such notables as, The Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash, Rod Stewart, The Doors and many, many more artist. But one of his songs, Gallis Pole was covered by none other than Led Zeppelin and renamed it, "Gallows Pole" Lead Belly most noted for playing the 12 string. This song, Pick a Bale of Cotton, was also covered by ABBA. Also this video has had color added to it for better visual.
Tags: Lead  Belly  Huddie  Ledbetter  Pick  a  Bale  Of  Cotton 
Added: 15th November 2008
Views: 2654
Posted By: ChowDog
I Buried Paul On this day in 1969, The Beatles scored their 13th US No.1 album with 'Abbey Road'. The cover supposedly contained clues adding to the ‘Paul Is Dead’ phenomenon: Paul is barefoot and the car number plate ‘LMW 281F’ supposedly referred to the fact that McCartney would be 28 years old if he was still alive. ‘LMW’ was said to stand for ‘Linda McCartney Weeps. ’ And the four Beatles, represent; the priest (John, dressed in white), the Undertaker (Ringo in a black suit), the Corpse (Paul, in a suit but barefoot), and the Gravedigger (George, in jeans and a denim work shirt). for those of you too young to remember,rumors of Paul McCartney's death began to circulate in 1969, a time when the strained relationships among the Beatles were becoming public knowledge. Written versions of this story first appeared in college newspapers in the fall of 1969, but the precise origin of the rumor is unknown. The story caught fire with the public when it was broadcast by a radio station in Detroit. Russell Gibb, a disc jockey for WKNR-FM, received a strange phone call from someone who identified himself only as Tom. The caller told Gibb that Paul McCartney had died in 1966 and was then replaced by a lookalike. The Beatles had subsequently left clues on their albums about this deception. . Other Beatles album covers also contained clues, the caller claimed, and a few Beatles songs contained clues about Paul's death—including some that could only be deciphered when the records were played backwards! Gibb related the rumor of Paul's death on the air, which brought a strong reaction from listeners and the story spread rapidly after that.
Tags: Beatles  Abbey  Road  Paul  McCartney  John  Lennon  Ringo  Starr  George  Harrison 
Added: 1st November 2008
Views: 2336
Posted By: Cliffy
Carole King Jazzman Carole King - From Tapestry Whenever I hear this it makes me go back to my childhood, playing in the barn and hearing this on the radio. Funny how certain songs will always be associated with specific times & places in our lives.
Tags: Carole  King  Jazzman  1970s 
Added: 11th November 2008
Views: 1566
Posted By: LPROUD
Oh How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning Here's another clip from the movie This Is The Army (1943)--and perhaps the most memorable: Irving Berlin singing one of his own songs...Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning.
Tags: Irving  Berlin 
Added: 13th November 2008
Views: 2128
Posted By: Lava1964
Page and Plant cover Lead Belly Gallows pole The original source for Led Zeppelin's "Gallows Pole" was Leadbelly's "Gallis Pole." "Gallows Pole" on Led Zeppelin III is listed as "Traditional." On some of Leadbelly's recordings, however, songwriting credit is given to Leadbelly and John and Alan Lomax. Alan Lomax, along with his father John, were instrumental in popularizing a wide range of American folk music. Beginning in the 1930s, Alan Lomax produced a great volume of field recordings of folk musicians, focusing in particular on the American South. John and Alan Lomax first recorded Leadbelly while he was in prison and they brought him to national attention. Leadbelly was a master of many styles of music, wrote many songs and adapted many tunes that he had heard over the years. Jimmy Page said that he had heard a version of this song by an obscure folk artist named Fred Gerlach. Where Leadbelly and Fred Gerlach had each played "Gallis Pole" in a 12-string guitar, Led Zeppelin's recording features John Paul Jones on Mandolin and Jimmy Page on Banjo. Credit where credit is due... all info here is from turnmeondeadman.net and the vid is from the Page Plant No Quarter concert
Tags: Lead  Belly  Page  Plant  No  Quarter  Gallows  Pole 
Added: 16th November 2008
Views: 1964
Posted By: ChowDog
The Manhattan Transfer Chanson D Amour One of those songs you never forget.
Tags: Manhattan  Transfer  Chanson  D'Amour 
Added: 16th November 2008
Views: 1653
Posted By: jedwgrn
Krofft Supershow! Anyone else remember this one?. Sadly, Bert Sommer, who played "Flatbush" passed away at a very early age. I will also post one of his songs from his performance at Woodstock.
Tags: Krofft  Supershow   
Added: 17th November 2008
Views: 1401
Posted By: LPROUD

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