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Star Trekking Time for something completely different.
Tags: Star  Trekking  Crazy  Hit  UK  The  Firm 
Added: 11th March 2008
Views: 1582
Posted By: donmac101
The first commercial for Quaker Oats Life cereal. They pronounce proteins different now.
Tags: Yup 
Added: 15th March 2008
Views: 1364
Posted By: Marty6697
Jeopardy Contestant Faints This is something different: A Jeopardy! contestant faints during Final Jeopardy. Host Alex Trebek coolly deals with the situation and then moves on.
Tags: Jeopardy  contestant  faints 
Added: 26th May 2008
Views: 1741
Posted By: Lava1964
1939 Glueks Pilsener Beer Ad Apparently the 1930s were a queer decade for Gluek's Pilsener Beer.
Tags: Glueks  Pilsener  Beer  ad 
Added: 27th April 2008
Views: 1255
Posted By: Lava1964
Pitney Bowes Postage Meter Ad In 1953 running out of postage stamps was apparently grounds for justifiable homicide. No worries! The handy Pitney-Bowes postage meter will prevent office bloodshed.
Tags: Pitney  Bowes  postage  meter  ad 
Added: 24th March 2008
Views: 1857
Posted By: Lava1964
Put Your Head On My Shoulder 1959 Paul Anka was my first crush, I must've been about 12...I drove my parents and my older sister crazy playing this song over and over and over...
Tags: put  your  head  on  my  shoulder  paul  anka 
Added: 8th April 2008
Views: 1220
Posted By: Naomi
General Motors for Teresa A different shot?
Tags: general  motors  building  chrysler 
Added: 10th April 2008
Views: 1211
Posted By: Naomi
Baby Boomers 4 Naomi It sure was a different world. wish my kids could have known these times. They were the best.
Tags: baby  boomer 
Added: 13th April 2008
Views: 1429
Posted By: roseanns1
The Twelve Chairs Gorgeous Frank Langella (from Dracula 1979) starred in one of Mel Brooks earlier films. The story goes something like this: An aging ex-nobleman of the Czarist regime has finally adjusted to life under the commissars in Russia. He and the local priest find that the family jewels were hidden in a chair, one of a set of twelve, so they return separately to Moscow to find the hidden fortune. We rented this film because it was the only Mel Brooks movie I hadn't seen. Since I'm a rabid Brooks fan I thought, 'Why not see them all?' It was great!!
Tags: the  twelve  chairs  mel  brooks  frank  langella  dom  delouise  ron  moody  comedy 
Added: 14th April 2008
Views: 1571
Posted By: Naomi
1884 Political Cartoon Think presidential election campaigns are nasty now? They're quite tame compared to the good old days. In 1884 the Democrats learned that Republican candidate Grover Cleveland was making chid support payments to a young woman named Maria Halpirn. Cleveland admitted he may have been the child's father, but there were numerous other prominent men who had sampled the horizontal refreshments in the willing Miss Halpirn's boudoir. (Cleveland apparently took responsbility because he was the only bachelor among Miss Halpirn's plentiful beaus!) Democrats mocked Cleveland with the chant, 'Ma! Ma! Where's my pa?' After Cleveland won the election, the Dems added, 'Gone to the White House...ha, ha, ha!'
Tags: Grover  Cleveland  scandal  cartoon 
Added: 25th April 2008
Views: 2952
Posted By: Lava1964

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