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Jimmy Stewart poem Another tear jerker, folks. On a 1981 appearance on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Stewart read a poem about his dog. It brought laughs and tears.
Tags: Johnny  Carson  Jimmy  Stewart 
Added: 29th September 2007
Views: 24904
Posted By: Lava1964
Cassius Clay and Liberace An unlikely combination to be sure: On a 1963 Jack Paar Show, Cassius Clay (he was not yet Muhammad Ali) reads one of his self-aggrandizing poems while Liberace provides the piano accompaniment.
Tags: Clay  Ali  Liberace  Paar 
Added: 8th October 2007
Views: 2643
Posted By: Lava1964
The Beatles Ballad of John and Yoko The Video clip, is of where they show some images form their wedding - "The Ballad of John and Yoko" is a song released by The Beatles as a single in May 1969. Primarily written by John Lennon, the song was attributed, as was the custom, to the Lennon/McCartney songwriting team. It chronicled the events surrounding Lennon's marriage to Yoko Ono and their subsequent activities together, including their famous first Bed-In, and demonstration of bagism. It was released while the couple was in the middle of their second Bed-In. It was recorded just before the main sessions commenced for the Abbey Road album. The song is a ballad in the traditional sense of a narrative poem in a song, not in the sense used in modern pop music where the term usually refers to a slow, sentimental love song...WHEN RECORDING, was performed by Lennon and Paul McCartney; George Harrison was on holiday, and Ringo Starr was filming The Magic Christian. Lennon had a sudden inspiration for the song and called on McCartney, suggesting the two of them record it immediately without waiting for the other Beatles to return.
Tags:   John  Lennon  Paul  McCartney    Yoko    Ono 
Added: 20th March 2009
Views: 1974
Posted By: mia_bambina
The Raven Alan Parson Project Edgar Allen Poe Poem Good Vid
Tags: Good  Vid 
Added: 20th March 2008
Views: 1283
Posted By: Marty6697
Scream Queen Hazel Court Dies at 82 Hazel Court, an English actress who co-starred with the likes of Boris Karloff and Vincent Price in popular horror movies of the 1950s and '60s, has died. She was 82. Court died early Tuesday of a heart attack at her home near Lake Tahoe, daughter Sally Walsh said Wednesday. While she had a substantial acting career both in England and on American TV, Court was perhaps best known for her work in such films as 1963's "The Raven." She co-starred with Price, Karloff and Peter Lorre in director Roger Corman's take on the classic Edgar Allan Poe poem. Corman directed her in five movies. Like other "scream queens" of the era, Court often relied on her cleavage and her ability to shriek in fear and die horrible deaths for her roles. "The Premature Burial,""The Masque of the Red Death,""The Curse of Frankenstein" and "Devil Girl from Mars" helped propel her to cult status and brought her fan mail even in her later years. 'She'd probably get over 100 pieces of fan mail a month and she would reply to every single one,' her daughter said. Court had finished an autobiography, "Hazel Court - Horror Queen," which will be published in Britain.
Tags: hazel  court  horror  scream  queen  hammer  films  roger  corman  boris  karloff  vincent  price  christopher  lee  peter  cushing 
Added: 17th April 2008
Views: 2016
Posted By: Naomi
Name The Poem "...lifts her leafy..." Name the poem? Name the author? Not Difficult
Tags: Name  The  Poem? 
Added: 30th August 2008
Views: 794
Posted By: jedwgrn
Name The Poem "... - wheeled and soared and swung ..." These five words are part of a very popular poem: Name the poem? Name the author? What does it have to do with local television stations? What POTUS used part of it in a speech and why? (POTUS - President of the United States)
Tags: Answer  the  questions. 
Added: 29th August 2008
Views: 1023
Posted By: jedwgrn
Name The Poem "...silken sad uncertain..." Name the poem? Name the author? Name the 1963 movie? Name the four prominent male actors in the film? Name the 1858 illustration and illustrator of the shown drawing?
Tags: Answer  the  question. 
Added: 31st August 2008
Views: 994
Posted By: jedwgrn
Name The Poem '...for you the flag is flung...' Name the poem? Name the author?
Tags: Name  the  poem  and  author 
Added: 1st September 2008
Views: 902
Posted By: jedwgrn
Name The Poem And Poet '...men who caught and sang ...' Name the poem? Name the poet? For whom was the poem written?
Added: 2nd September 2008
Views: 858
Posted By: jedwgrn

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