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          The Joy of TV Dinners Remember those Swanson TV dinners. That's all you needed, that, and of course, the little folding tv table so you could sit in the living room and watch your favorite show. Ahhh, those were the days.
Tags: tv  dinners  frozen  meals 
Added: 16th August 2007
Views: 2540
Posted By: Naomi
It was just a few tiny meals doc Tags: gaining  weight  aging  comics 
Added: 21st September 2007
Views: 2233
Posted By: Sophia
The Real 50s Woman for Teresa This was taken on our first vacation to Miami Beach in 1955. If she knew I was posting this I'd be dead! My mom was so typical of the 50's mother and wife, she worked over 40 hours a week, took care of our dad, cooked meals from scratch, cleaned a home and raised two daughters. She also paid all the bills, nursed everyone through their illnesses and made sure her own mother was taken care of. She's a tough cookie and still here at 90, taking care of her home, nursing all of us, and still making the best chicken soup and pasta in the world!
Tags: the  50s  woman  could  do  it  all 
Added: 14th April 2008
Views: 1944
Posted By: Naomi
Quick Meals Before the Microwave Tags: Quick  Meals  Before  the  Microwave  Swanson  Fried  Chicken 
Added: 24th July 2008
Views: 1638
Posted By: pfc
Dance Marathon Craze During the 1920s and 1930s, dance marathons were a popular diversion in the United States. It is estimated that at their pinnacle, dance marathons were the main source of livelihood for 20,000 frequent competitors, officials, promoters, and musicians. Rules varied from place to place, but generally a couple stayed in the running for cash prizes as long as they kept moving on the dance floor. Only short respites were allowed every few hours for meals and rests. One event in New York City in 1937 lasted 481 hours--slightly more than 20 days! By the late 1930s, several cities and states had outlawed dance marathons because of the health dangers that accompanied sleep deprivation. This colorized photo from 1925 shows a typically exhausted couple.
Tags: dance  marathons 
Added: 16th August 2009
Views: 2063
Posted By: Lava1964
When Oatmeal was Cool for Breakfast 1993 When Oatmeal was Cool for Breakfast 1993 Fare from 1993 (OH GOD SHIVERY SPINE) Quakers Kids' Choice Instant Oatmeal was a little more mundane but still a pretty cool and fun product. Coming in serving-sized packets it featured mini packets inside that flavoured the oatmeal with your choice of Radical Raspberry, Strawberries n' Stuff or Cinnamagic. The only real cool thing about this oatmeal was the flavour packets turned the oatmeal different colours which is probably to be expected considering the flavour packets were different colours than the oatmeal itself and well.. Changing of colours tends to happen when you add colour into something that is otherwise colourless. Kind of lame but the stuff was good so we'll throw them a bone. Honestly this one probably was discontinued due to lack of consumer appeal, it wasn't that it was bad but.. Face it.. If you had the other oatmeals to choose from such as Cookie Blast or Under Cover Bears are you going to choose the oatmeal that just changes colour because you added a coloured flavour packet? No. You're going to pick the cooler and more fun ones because you're a kid and you're simple.
Tags: When  Oatmeal  was  Cool  for  Breakfast  1993 
Added: 19th August 2012
Views: 1098
Posted By: masonx31

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