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The Ten Commandments I had to post this, it was the film that gave me such inspiration into my religion, he was my hero. Chuck was Moses to a 10 yr old girl in 1956. Even though the producers took quite a bit of poetic license in the re-telling of this story, it has stayed with me to this day. I'm glad I was able to contact him and I learned alot about this man while he was still in his prime. I later watched him grow old and felt so bad as I saw his health fading, but he will always be an inspiration to me and I miss him.
Tags: the  ten  commandments  charlton  heston  biblical  films  cecil  b  demille 
Added: 6th April 2008
Views: 1545
Posted By: Naomi
Chuck E Chesse s commercial Tags: Chuck  E  Chesse 
Added: 12th June 2008
Views: 1232
Posted By: rickfmdj
Sunbeam Shavemaster Tags: chuck  connors 
Added: 15th June 2008
Views: 1954
Posted By: roseanns1
A Moment of Silence Please Hello Folks, I posted this earlier to one of Jimmy Jet's postings. I wasn't sure if all of you have seen it, so here is my tribute to Bruce, aka Jimmy Jet. I'm posting a picture of his favorite toy. The Jimmy Jet toy is that big blue toy sitting on top of a box. Hello All,It has been a while since I've been on here and I come with some bad news. Jimmy Jet whose real name is Bruce, passed away on June 29, 2008 and now is in the arms of the Lord. Bruce became a penpal of mine after I bought a few items from him on ebay. We both had an interest in old Toys and Jimmy Jet was one of his favorite toys! His parts helped complete my Jimmy Jet and I will truly miss him. I urged him to sign up on this site and he commented many times how much he liked it. He was an avid aviation buff and now he can freely fly the friendly skies of heaven! Rest in Peace Bruce, you will be missed. Chuck-Dezurtdude
Tags: Jimmy  Jet   
Added: 23rd July 2008
Views: 1763
Posted By: dezurtdude
Once Upon a Time in America Once we were proud nation.. there was nothing we couldn't do, or accomplish. There was noting that we couldn't manufacture for ourselves. This was the American Spirit. It was what made this country the envy of every nation in the world. Now, as one TV commentator put it, "We have become suicidally arrogant ... we have the attitude that there isn't anything anyone won't sell us." It has been argued that "America holds no resemblance to the once great nation for which our forebears fought and died. Given the rapidity with which America has forsaken its heritage, can you imagine what it will look like 50 years from now?" - Chuck Baldwin Once can only wonder. But, Once Upon A Time In America, it was truly a great and promising place to be. Film Clip - Southern Pacific Cab Forward Collection Southern Pacific Archives Pentrex Videos/Pentrex Media Group http://pentrex.com/ Photos Jack Delano U.S. Office of War Information Collection Library of Congress - Documenting America http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/fsowhome.... Music fanfare for the common man Aaron Copeland railroad song Jim Croce railroad blues Woody Guthrie daddy was a railroad man Box Car Willie john henry/worried blues Doc and Merle Watson railroad song (reprise) conceived and produced by Dale Caruso
Tags: 1940s  American  Spirit  Railroads  American  Worker   
Added: 26th September 2008
Views: 2253
Posted By: dalecaruso
Chuck Barris Interview 2007 Chuck Barris, the man who created The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game, and of course The Gong Show, answers frequently asked questions (that he conveniently wrote himself) in this 2007 interview.
Tags: Chuck  Barris  interview 
Added: 5th September 2008
Views: 1410
Posted By: Lava1964
Classic Football Photo In this classic sports photo from 1960, Chuck Bednarik of the Philadelphia Eagles towers above Frank Gifford of the New York Giants--whom Bednarik had just flattened with a pulverizing hit. Gifford was out of action for a year!
Tags: Chuck  Bednarik  Frank  Gifford  football 
Added: 25th September 2008
Views: 1541
Posted By: Lava1964
Jimmy Castor Bunch - Troglodyte Tags: Jimmy  Castor  Bunch  -  Troglodyte  Big    Chuck    Hollihan    Horror    Host      Bertha  Butt  &  The  Butt  Sisters 
Added: 27th September 2008
Views: 1504
Posted By: Cliffy
Jimmy Castor Bunch - Troglodyte Tags: Jimmy  Castor  Bunch  -  Troglodyte  Big    Chuck    Hollihan    Horror    Host     
Added: 29th September 2008
Views: 1367
Posted By: Cliffy
Buds Leonid Brezhnev and Chuck Connors . . .
Tags: 1973      chuck  connors      leonid  brezhnev 
Added: 10th October 2008
Views: 1157
Posted By: Teresa

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