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Honeycomb Cereal Archies Free Record How many remember these? My friend Vin Duffy on Facebook reminded me of these!
Tags: Honeycomb  Cereal  Archies  Free  Record 
Added: 14th January 2009
Views: 2727
Posted By: Steve
Ewell Gibbons  Grape Nuts Commercial From 1974, naturalist Ewell Gibbons promotes Grape Nuts cereal.
Tags: Ewell  Gibbons  Grape  Nuts  commercial 
Added: 19th January 2009
Views: 3967
Posted By: Lava1964
Trix Are For Kids! The Lucky Charm commercial seemed to bring a lot of memories to everyone. What was your favorite cereal as a kid? What was the worst?
Tags: trix    breakfast    cereal    commercial    general    mills    big    silly    rabbit     
Added: 19th March 2009
Views: 1130
Posted By: Cliffy
Commercials from Nickelodeon in the 80s 80s Nickelodeon commercials including: View Master light up light sticks, Kool-Aid, Nick Rocks, Livewire, C-3PO's cereal, M&M's
Tags: nickelodeon  commercials 
Added: 8th August 2009
Views: 1569
Posted By: chrissiek
Bewitched Commrcials Compilation Tags: Bewitched"  Season  Three  Quaker  Oats  Company  Cast  Commrcials  Compilation  Bewitched    Elizabeth  Montgomery    Dick  York    David  White    Quaker  Oats  Company    Life  Cereal    Aunt  Jemima  Syrup    Quisp  and  Quake  Cereals     
Added: 28th August 2009
Views: 1610
Posted By: Laura
Anissa Jones Anissa Jones was the first of a long line of child stars from the television era whose life spiralled downward after her acting career had ended. Jones first acted in a cereal commercial at age six in 1964. At age eight, in 1966, Jones was cast as Elizabeth (Buffy) Patterson-Davis in the sitcom Family Affair. Part of Buffy's persona were the amusing conversations she had with her doll, Mrs. Beasley. Mrs. Beasley dolls became popular toys. (Jones' tightly curled pigtails inspired Cindy Brady's similar hairdo on The Brady Bunch.) Family Affair went off the air in 1971 when Jones was 13. Jones commented she was glad the series ended so she no longer had to carry the doll. Although Jones was offered a teenage role in The Brian Keith Show, she turned it down to unsuccessfully seek movie roles. (In contrast, Jones' Family Affair co-star Johnny Whitaker worked regularly on television and in Disney movies for many years.) Jones enrolled in high school but dropped out before graduating. Her parents' nasty divorce cause a rift in her family. At one point Jones was working in a donut shop. When she turned 18 she was able to access her $180,000 in Family Affair earnings from a trust fund. Later that same year, on August 28, 1976, Jones died of a drug overdose at a house party. The coroner claimed it was one of the most severe overdoses he had ever encountered. Jones' brother also died of an overdose in 1984.
Tags: Anissa  Jones  Family  Affair 
Added: 17th November 2009
Views: 2884
Posted By: Lava1964
ALPEN CEREAL COMMERCIAL with MELISSA SUE ANDERSON I can hear Lava's heart racing now!
Added: 11th April 2010
Views: 1524
Posted By: Cliffy
Milk and Cereal Tags: cereal,  milk  and  cereal,   
Added: 30th March 2011
Views: 1621
Posted By: Steve
90s Kids Commercials part 1 1. Trix Yogurt 2. Burger King Kids Club 3. Fox Afternoon 4. Ertl Big Farm 5. Spider Man Cereal 6. X Men Chef Boyardee 7. Planet Lunch (Frito Lay) 8 Lunchable (All star Burger and Hot dog) 9. School House Rock 10. Go Gurt 11. Lucky Charms 12. Thomas the Tank Engine
Tags: 90s  Kids  Commercials  part  1 
Added: 17th August 2012
Views: 1681
Posted By: masonx31
Hidden Treasures Cereal from August 1994 Hidden Treasures was a short-lived breakfast cereal by General Mills. Introduced in 1993, alongside Sprinkle Spangles, the cereal consisted of sweetened corn squares that all looked the same, but were meant to be filled with a fruity filling. The icing filling flavors were cherry, orange and grape. To emphasize the treasure hunt dynamic, some pieces had no icing filling, and were hollow. Thanks to the process by which the icing filled pieces were made, clever children would have little difficulty noticing the pattern: pieces with a seam very close to the edge were grape, off-center orange, and directly center seams had cherry. Hidden Treasures was discontinued by 1995. August 1994. I recall these "Treasures" have a gummy jell in the middle of each square. Gotta love the kid rockin the flannel hoodie, so that we know it's is "1994."
Tags: Hidden  Treasures  Cereal  August  1994 
Added: 19th August 2012
Views: 1051
Posted By: masonx31

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