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The Grass Roots  Midnight Confessions Tags: Grass  Roots    Midnight  Confessions 
Added: 2nd November 2007
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Posted By: BigBoy Bob
Twiggy The scrawny modern supermodel originated with Twiggy, a British model, in 1967. Her real name was Lesley Hornby. She weighed just 90 pounds and had measurements of 31-23-32. Her 27-year-old boyfriend/manager, Nigel Davies, skilfully packaged Hornby as Twiggy, and within months she became the world's top fashion model, appearing in Vogue and Elle magazines before taking New York by storm. Twiggy's cropped haircut (shorter than most boys wore at the time) made her something of an androgynous figure. Her trademark was to paint eyelashes on her lower lids. These became known as Twiggies. Over the years, Twiggy's exceedingly slim figure was blamed for the rise in anorexia cases. Depite her fame, Twiggy remained humble and true to her East London roots. She once told Life Magazine, 'I know I'm not beautiful or glam. But with me funny face, me funny skirts, and me funny accent, somehow it combined to work out just lovely.'
Tags: Twiggy  model 
Added: 22nd November 2007
Views: 2070
Posted By: Lava1964
The Grass Roots  Midnight confessions From 1968.
Tags: grass  roots  midnight 
Added: 28th May 2008
Views: 1636
Posted By: rickfmdj
Grass Roots  Temptation Eyes 1971 was a big year for pop/rock band The Grass Roots...nothing less than 3 top 20 singles on the Top 100 Singles chart in Cash Box magazine.
Tags: Grass  Roots    Temptation  Eyes 
Added: 20th June 2008
Views: 1444
Posted By: rickfmdj
Lets Live for Today Grass Roots 1967 Jimmy Durante introduces these guys
Tags: Classic 
Added: 19th February 2009
Views: 1953
Posted By: Marty6697
The Grass Roots  Two Divided By Love From January 13th 1972 Kenny Rogers TV show.
Tags: The  Grass  Roots    Two  Divided  By  Love 
Added: 8th June 2009
Views: 2038
Posted By: rickfmdj
Alex Haley Plagiarism Scandal 1978 In 1978, Alex Haley, the renowned author of Roots, came under fire in a plagiarism lawsuit launched by a white anthropologist and fellow author Harold Courlander. Haley claimed he had spent a decade researching his heritage for his historical novel, which in 1977 was adapted as a wildly successful TV miniseries. That same year he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize and the Spingarn Medal for the book. A year later his reputation was forever marred. Courlander went to the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of New York to charge that Roots was substantially plagiarized from Courlander's own book, The African. Courlander's witnesses included Michael Wood an English professor at Columbia University and an expert on plagiarism. Wood opined in a report that the evidence of plagiarism in Roots was 'clear and irrefutable' and that the copying of passages was 'significant and extensive.' After a five-week trial in federal district court, Courlander and Haley settled the case, with Haley making a financial settlement of $650,000 and a statement that 'Alex Haley acknowledges and regrets that various materials from The African by Harold Courlander found their way into his book Roots.' Haley claimed the appropriation of Courlander's passages had been unintentional. Haley orginally maintained he had never heard of The African, much less read it. Shortly after the trial, however, Joseph Bruchac, an instructor of black literature at Skidmore College, came forward to swear in an affidavit that in 1970 or 1971--five or six years before the publication of Roots--he had discussed The African with Haley and had given his 'own personal copy of The African to Haley.' In a later interview with BBC Television, Judge Ward stated, 'Alex Haley perpetrated a hoax on the public.'
Tags: Roots  Alex  Haley  plagiarism  scandal 
Added: 4th February 2010
Views: 17369
Posted By: Lava1964
Roots Scene - Uprising on Slave Ship The ABC miniseries Roots was THE television event of 1977. Here is one of most dramatic scenes from the first episode: The slaves revolt during their trip across the ocean.
Tags: Roots  miniseries  slave  revolt 
Added: 4th April 2013
Views: 2303
Posted By: Lava1964
Rhoda - Opening Montage Here is the opening montage from the first season of Rhoda, a sitcom starring Valerie Harper. Rhoda was a successful spinoff of The Mary Tyler Moore Show that ran from 1974 to 1978. The premise of the sitcom was that Rhoda moves from Minneapolis back to her New York City roots. Over the course of the show Rhoda married and divorced, and saw her parents divorce too! Rhoda's sister Brenda was played by Julie Kavner--best known today as the voice of Marge Simpson.
Tags: Rhoda  sitcom  spinoff  Valerie  Harper  MTM 
Added: 9th April 2013
Views: 2026
Posted By: Lava1964
Chris Isaak - Wicked Game Tags: Chris  Isaak  -  Wicked  Game  1986  Rockabilly,  Roots  rock,  Rock 
Added: 30th July 2014
Views: 1163
Posted By: Music Maiden

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