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The first commercial for Quaker Oats Life cereal. They pronounce proteins different now.
Tags: Yup 
Added: 15th March 2008
Views: 1339
Posted By: Marty6697
The Nelsons Promote Quaker Cereals Ozzie Nelson and family promote Quaker puffed rice and puffed wheat.
Tags: Nelson  family 
Added: 21st July 2008
Views: 1440
Posted By: Lava1964
Quaker Oatmeal Commercial Wifred Brimley flogs Quaker oatmeal.
Tags: Quaker  oatmeal 
Added: 15th September 2008
Views: 1413
Posted By: Lava1964
BEWITCHED Season 1 Cast Commercials "Bewitched" cast commercials for Quaker and Chevrolet featuring Abner and Gladys Kravitz, Samantha, Darrin and Endora.
Tags: Bewitched  Chevrolet  Quaker  Commercials   
Added: 1st September 2008
Views: 1606
Posted By: BewitchedCollector
Bewitched Commrcials Compilation Tags: Bewitched"  Season  Three  Quaker  Oats  Company  Cast  Commrcials  Compilation  Bewitched    Elizabeth  Montgomery    Dick  York    David  White    Quaker  Oats  Company    Life  Cereal    Aunt  Jemima  Syrup    Quisp  and  Quake  Cereals     
Added: 28th August 2009
Views: 1567
Posted By: Laura
Troubled Actress Gail Russell Gail Russell was a dark-eyed beauty who starred with some of the most popular leading men in Hollywood in the 1940s and 1950s, including John Wayne, Joel McCrae and Alan Ladd. Born in Chicago on September 21, 1924, Russell was a shy child and often hid beneath her parents' piano when they entertained. The family moved to Los Angeles when she was 14. Even though art was Russell’s passion, her mother convinced her to audition at Paramount Studios. Gail was offered a standard seven-year contract at $50 a week. Upon graduating from high school, she signed with Paramount. Russell suffered terribly from stage fright. She made her first film appearance at 19 in Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour. The following year she appeared in Lady in the Dark. Although Russell’s role was minor, the film was nominated for three Oscars, which boosted her career. Russell's raven hair and enigmatic beauty was particularly suited to the ghost story plot of The Uninvited, her second film of 1944. During filming, Russell’s stage fright was so great that one of her co-stars suggested alcohol as a means to calm her nerves. Russell completed the film, but lost 20 pounds and later suffered a nervous breakdown. This film was also nominated for an Oscar, drawing even more attention to the young starlet. Russell played Emily Kimbrough in the 1944 comedy Our Hearts Were Young and Gay. The following year she starred as a schoolteacher opposite Alan Ladd in Salty O'Rouke, another Oscar-nominated film, then with Joel McCrae in the supernatural tale The Unseen. In 1946 she starred in Our Hearts Were Growing Up, a sequel with Diana Lynn. Before the year was over she completed yet another movie, The Bachelor’s Daughters, with Adolphe Menjou. Still, Russell continued to experience stage fright, liberally using alcohol to deal with it. In 1947, Russell performed one of her most famous roles as the innocent Quaker love of John Wayne in The Angel and the Badman. Rumors circulated that Russell and Wayne were having an affair, though they both denied anything more than friendship. In 1949, Russell once again starred as John Wayne's love interest in Wake of the Red Witch. When she learned that her husband had cast Russell in this role, John Wayne’s wife, actress Esperanza (Chata) Bauer, exploded in an alcoholic, jealous rage. When Wayne returned home late from the cast party, Bauer aimed a gun at her husband and pulled the trigger. The bullet barely missed Wayne’s head. Months later, Russell married her long-time boyfriend, television actor Guy Madison. In 1953, Russell was called to testify in John Wayne’s divorce trial and once again, Russell and Wayne both denied the affair. Two weeks later Russell was arrested for drunk driving, which fueled more rumors about an affair and caused serious damage to her marriage. Her alcoholic reputation so troubled Paramount executives they refused to renew her contract. Then Russell and Madison divorced, adding to her despair. In 1955, Russell left the scene of the crime after rear-ending another vehicle while intoxicated. In 1957 she drove her new convertible through the glass windows of Jan's Restaurant in Beverly Hills, pinning the janitor beneath her vehicle. Russell was picked up by Universal Studios and continued to star with some of the most famous names in Hollywood, including Randolph Scott. However, in August of 1957, when she failed to appear in court, officers were sent to her home and found her drunk and unconscious. The hearing was held at General Hospital where she was bedridden with severe effects from alcoholism. She joined Alcoholics Anonymous and stayed with this organization for a year, to no avail. In 1961, Russell starred in her last movie, The Silent Call. When filming was completed, she locked herself in her Los Angeles studio apartment, sketching and drinking. On August 27, 1961 Russell died from an alcohol-induced heart attack. She was just 36.
Tags: actress  Gail  Russell 
Added: 18th December 2010
Views: 4947
Posted By: Lava1964
When Oatmeal was Cool for Breakfast 1993 When Oatmeal was Cool for Breakfast 1993 Fare from 1993 (OH GOD SHIVERY SPINE) Quakers Kids' Choice Instant Oatmeal was a little more mundane but still a pretty cool and fun product. Coming in serving-sized packets it featured mini packets inside that flavoured the oatmeal with your choice of Radical Raspberry, Strawberries n' Stuff or Cinnamagic. The only real cool thing about this oatmeal was the flavour packets turned the oatmeal different colours which is probably to be expected considering the flavour packets were different colours than the oatmeal itself and well.. Changing of colours tends to happen when you add colour into something that is otherwise colourless. Kind of lame but the stuff was good so we'll throw them a bone. Honestly this one probably was discontinued due to lack of consumer appeal, it wasn't that it was bad but.. Face it.. If you had the other oatmeals to choose from such as Cookie Blast or Under Cover Bears are you going to choose the oatmeal that just changes colour because you added a coloured flavour packet? No. You're going to pick the cooler and more fun ones because you're a kid and you're simple.
Tags: When  Oatmeal  was  Cool  for  Breakfast  1993 
Added: 19th August 2012
Views: 1055
Posted By: masonx31
Quaker Instant Cereal Tags: Quaker  Instant  Cereal  oats  morning  food 
Added: 4th October 2015
Views: 738
Posted By: Cathy

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