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The Green Hornet A Bike commercial in the promo for the television series The Green Hornet. Bruce Lee I bet alot of kids wanted that bike.
Tags: Cool  Bike 
Added: 21st April 2009
Views: 1398
Posted By: Marty6697
Bob Welch  Ebony Eyes Promo clip for Ebony Eyes from Bobs 1977 solo album 'French Kiss'
Tags: Bob  Welch    Ebony  Eyes 
Added: 1st May 2009
Views: 1948
Posted By: rickfmdj
Battlestar Galactica promo 1978 A very brief 1978 ABC promo of the forthcoming debut of their elaborate and expensive science fiction series "Battlestar Galactica", starring Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict and Lorne Greene. Ernie Anderson provides the voice over for the promo spot. The series was recently remade and extensively revamped to great acclaim, with a large cast spearheaded by Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Jamie Bamber, Tricia Helfer, Michael Hogan, James Callis and Katee Sackhoff.
Tags: Battlestar  Galactica  TV  television  1970s  1978  promo  ABC  cylon  science  fiction  sf  Ernie  Anderson 
Added: 7th July 2009
Views: 2585
Posted By: robatsea
Old Mission Impossible Promo plus a WTCG Ch 17 Atlanta logo Here is an old WTCG (WTBS) Ch. 17 Atlanta logo, from the late 1970s, along with a Mission Impossible promo!
Tags: WTCG  WTBS  Channel  17  Atlanta  Ray  Glasser  1970s 
Added: 28th May 2009
Views: 1501
Posted By: videoholic
Politically Incorrect Wrestling Promo Ah, the good old days of professional wrestling. Villain David Schultz stirs up interest for an upcoming American Wrestling Association event in San Francisco with a few jibes at the city and opponent Hulk Hogan. Interviewer Mean Gene Okerlund can't control his laughter.
Tags: wrestlng  promo  David  Schultz  Mean  Gene  Okerlund 
Added: 21st May 2009
Views: 2376
Posted By: Lava1964
Vivian Vance Pen Commercial Vivian Vance, in character as Ethel Mertz, promotes Sheaffer's 'snorkel pen.'
Tags: Vivian  Vance  pen  commercial 
Added: 17th June 2009
Views: 1754
Posted By: Lava1964
Emilys Reasons Why Not - One Episode Sitcom Emily's Reasons Why Not was a very short-lived ABC sitcom starring Heather Graham. The show was based on the novel of the same name. Although seven episodes were made, Emily's Reasons Why Not was cancelled after one episode on Monday, January 9, 2006. The series centered on Emily (Graham), an author of self-help books who is unable to find success in romance. In the premiere episode she ends a bad relationship and adopts a new rule for her romances: if she can list five reasons to break up with a guy...she does. Emily gets help from her friends, among them Josh, whose character is strongly based on overtly gay stereotypes. The show was widely considered a less risqué copycat of Sex and the City. In the first episode, Emily is convinced the man she is dating is gay when he is actually a devout Mormon practising chastity before marriage. The show drew fire from pro-abstinence groups for its inability to portray an abstinent person without relying on stereotypes of homosexuality. Despite heavy promotion by both Sony Pictures Television and ABC, the show was pulled after the first episode due to drawing only 6.2 million viewers. Production was stopped after filming six episodes. ABC was said to have spent millions on promotion, including airtime, billboards and radio ads, and considered Emily to be the 'linchpin' of the network's post-football Monday-night schedule. After viewing it, ABC's entertainment president suggested that they considered the show lackluster and unlikely to improve. The New York Times attributed the show's cancellation in part to the extremely unappealing nature of the main character and her portrayal by Graham.
Tags: Emilys  Reasons  Why  Not  ABC  sitcom  flop 
Added: 6th February 2014
Views: 1051
Posted By: Lava1964
Joan Crawford Cigarette Ad Actress Joan Crawford promotes Lucky Strike cigarettes in this 1937 magazine ad.
Tags: cigarette  ad  Joan  Crawford 
Added: 25th January 2014
Views: 2157
Posted By: Lava1964
South of Sunset - Forgotten Detective Show South of Sunset was a CBS detective show that lasted just one episode. Despite being heavily promoted by the network during its 1993 World Series coverage, South of Sunset was axed after its pilot aired on October 27, 1993. Some west coast affiliates never aired the show, preferring to stick with news coverage of the Malibu wildfires. South of Sunset drew an anemic 6.1 rating, believed to be the worst showing ever for a major network show's fall premiere. The detective show stared rocker Glen Frey as Los Angeles private eye Cody McMahon who partnered with and ex-thief named Ziggy Duane. Here's the opening of the only episode that ever aired on CBS.
Tags: South  of  Sunset  detective  show  Glen  Frey 
Added: 6th February 2014
Views: 932
Posted By: Lava1964
Howard Cosell with David Letterman This is the second segment of legendary sportscaster Howard Cosell's 1985 appearance on David Letterman's show. By that time ABC had put Cosell out to pasture. Cosell was on the show to promote his no-holds-barred memoir 'I Never Played The Game.'
Tags: Howard  Cosell  David  Letterman 
Added: 12th July 2009
Views: 1974
Posted By: Lava1964

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