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Vintage Halloween Themed Pepsi Ad Tags: ad      Halloween      Pepsi 
Added: 31st October 2008
Views: 1346
Posted By: Teresa
Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial One commercial most will remember him for. R.I.P. Michael.
Tags: Michael    Jackson    Break    Dancing    Pepsi    Commercial     
Added: 25th June 2009
Views: 1323
Posted By: Old Fart
Pepsi Godfather Style Tags: pepsi    godfather    italian    lol    owniage    own    owned    pwnd    pwnige    1337    elite    leet    pro    maffia    mob    dangerous    lmao    al    pacino    cool     
Added: 7th May 2009
Views: 1468
Posted By: pfc
Pepsi TV commercial 1979 a vintage 1979 Pepsi commercial titled "Pony", where the only thing better than having a brand new pony is having a brand new pony - and a Pepsi!
Tags: Pepsi  cola  1970s  1979  pony  farm  horse  tv  television  commercial  beverage  advertising  soft  drink 
Added: 22nd July 2009
Views: 1664
Posted By: robatsea
Pepsi Patio Soda Patio Soda was introduced by Pepsi Cola in 1963 in response to the first diet cola by Diet Rite. Since bottlers were regionally franchised advertising was sparse. In 1964, Patio diet cola became Diet Pepsi.
Tags: Patio  Pepsi  soda  diet  drink  bottlers  advertising 
Added: 5th May 2014
Views: 2834
Posted By: Cliffy
Come Alive Pepsi Ad Campaign In the early 1970s, Pepsi-Cola introduced a new catch phrase to promote its product: 'Come Alive!' Not bad...until it was translated into some foreign-language markets. In Germany the phrase meant, 'Rise from the grave with Pepsi!' In China the phrase meant, 'Pepsi brings back your ancestors!'
Tags: Come  Alive  Pepsi  ad  campaign   
Added: 16th June 2010
Views: 3730
Posted By: Lava1964
You Got The Right One Baby Uh-Huh Diet-Pepsi Original Tags: You  Got  The  Right  One  Baby  Uh-Huh  Diet-Pepsi  Original   
Added: 30th November 2010
Views: 1233
Posted By: Old Fart
1948 Easter Present As seen in the March 1948 issue of Seventeen magazine. A dress ad employing product placement (Pepsi), and showing an Easter bunny that looks a little like Chucky from the 1988 film Child's Play. LOL
Tags: 1948  Easter  fashions   
Added: 9th April 2011
Views: 1655
Posted By: AngoraSox
Diet Pepsi Commercial with Billy Crystal A 1986 Diet Pepsi commercial with Billy Crystal.
Tags: Pepsi    Billy  Crystal 
Added: 26th February 2012
Views: 2167
Posted By: poljer
Great 1980s commercials A bunch of commercials that aired on NBC on March 25th, 1987. 1. Mounds and Almond Joy (The bars are bigger!) 2. Diet 7up (With John Goodman!) 3. McDonald's (With Happy Meal Stencils! "'Scuse me Daddy!") 4. Promo for "Stone Fox" (Starring Buddy Ebsen) 5. Pampers (Baby Racing: America's greatest sport!) 6. Promo for the "Build A Perfect Cheeseburger" contest (Sponsored by the California Beef and Dairy boards naturally) 7. Diet 7up (Guy reminds me of Larry from "Perfect Strangers") 8. Kraft Rancher's Choice Creamy Salad Dressing 9. Promo for "Roomies" (With Corey Haim!) and "Amazing Stories" (Daddy?) 10. Pepsi (This is probably my favorite commercial ever) 11. 7-Eleven (These low prices make me sad) 12. Teddy Ruxpin (And his pal Grubby) 13. Luvs (What's with all of the diaper advertising?) 14. Pizza Hut Flintstones Kids Glasses (Watch out for the Ginger Kid!) 15. New Coke (With Max Headroom!) 16. Sure Deodorant 17. Pepto Bismol 18. TV Spot for "Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol" (Another 80's comedy classic from Steve Gutenberg) 19. Promo for "Night Court", "The Tortelli's" and "The Bronx Zoo" ("The days of the little red brick schoolhouse are over!" You tell 'em Asner!)
Tags: 1980s  commercials  commercials  80s 
Added: 11th August 2012
Views: 3741
Posted By: dusman

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