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What Mount Rushmore Was To Look Like Located in the Black Hills of South Dakota the brainchild of Doane Robinson who wanted to bring more visitors to his state. Originally it was to feature western heroes like Lewis and Clark, Red Cloud and Buffalo Bill Cody but thankfully adapted a more national theme. The photo indicates what it was to look like. The construction began in 1927 and ended in 1939 when funding ran out so they settle the busts of the presidents being the monument. The sculpture cost $989,992.32 to build.
Tags: South  Dakota  Black  Hills  Doane  Robinson  George  Washington,  Thomas  Jefferson,  Theodore  Roosevelt,  and  Abraham  Lincoln 
Added: 6th November 2013
Views: 2146
Posted By: BigBoy Bob
Flintstones - Original Opening (Steve asked me to re-post this clip after it was lost when the website changed servers.) Many fans of The Flintstones do not realize that the original opening montage for the show for its first two seasons was not the familiar Meet The Flintstones. It was Rise and Shine (as seen in this clip). Meet The Flintstones was used from the third season (1962) onward. When the show entered into syndication, it was decided that the first two seasons' episodes would also contain Meet The Flintstones since it was so popular. This leads to the curious site of Pebbles appearing in the opening montage of episodes when Fred and Wilma are childless.
Tags: Flintstones  original  opening  theme  montage  Rise  and  Shine 
Added: 18th July 2014
Views: 2694
Posted By: Lava1964
Make Room For Daddy 1955 Original Dodge Opening Tags: Make  Room  For  Daddy  1955  Original  Dodge  Opening  Danny  Thomas  Jean  Hagen  Marjorie  Lord  Sherry  Jackson  Rusty  Hamer  Angela  Cartwright  Danny  Williams  1955  50's   
Added: 8th August 2014
Views: 2808
Posted By: Freckles
60s Original Elf On A Shelf We were cool before it was cool!
Tags: 60's  Original  Elf  On  A  Shelf  No  Internet  Facebok 
Added: 24th December 2014
Views: 1192
Posted By: Cliffy
Donna Douglas aka Ellie May Passes Donna Douglas, who played Elly May Clampett on the sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies, has died. She was 82. She died of pancreatic cancer. This leaves only one member of the show's original cast still alive: Max Baer Jr., who played Elly May's cousin, Jethro. He is 77.
Tags: Donna  Douglas  Elly  May  Clampett  The  Beverly  Hillbillies  Max  Baer  Jr.  Jethro 
Added: 3rd January 2015
Views: 1020
Posted By: Old Fart
Frankenstein Original 1931 Trailer Tags: Frankenstein  Original  1931  Trailer    Mary  Shelley  Colin  Clive  Mae  Clarke  John  Boles  Boris  Karloff   
Added: 19th January 2015
Views: 1358
Posted By: pfc
Elusive Andy Griffith Show Character - Mr. Schwump The Andy Griffith Show has some of the most fanatically devoted watchers of any sitcom in history. Despite their zeal, no one has been able to positively identify the actor who played 'Mr. Schwump' in at least 26 episodes from 1964 through 1968. Actually, fans of the show can't even agree on the character's name. The late Everett Greenbaum, who wrote many of the scripts, claimed the character was actually written as 'Mr. Schwamp,' but it seemed to be pronounced as 'Schwump' whenever he was acknowledged. Whatever the case, Mr. Schwump was the classic background character: He can be seen in crowd shots at Mayberry's social gatherings, at public meetings, at private parties, at church services, sitting on a public bench, as a customer in stores, etc. He never once uttered a single line in any episode nor was he given any screen credit. He is only noteworthy at all because in several episodes Andy Taylor passes by him and says, "Hello, Mr. Schwump." It is generally acknowledged that he appears to be about 60 years old and wears a hairpiece. Efforts by zealous fans to find out who the actor was have proven fruitless. On April 1, 2012 an elaborate post was made on the Facebook page of The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club declaring that researchers had determined Mr. Schwump was an actor named Patch S. Wimmers originally from Camp Threw, MS. Although it was supposed to be an obvious April Fools Day prank, many die-hard fans did not realize the information was bogus and still accept the Patch S. Wimmers story as gospel. None of the surviving cast members ever remembers learning Mr. Schwump's real name. One theory claims the mysterious actor was a friend of Andy Griffith and his occasional appearances in the show were an inside joke. Mr. Schwump's true identity remains unknown.
Tags: Mr  Schwump  Andy  Griffith  Show  sitcom 
Added: 4th March 2015
Views: 6448
Posted By: Lava1964
1980s Canadian Telemarketing Commercial This was one of a series of Canadian commercials, sponsored by a telephone company (of course) that introduced the new idea of 'telemarketing' as a way for businesses to expand their markets. I honestly think the original idea for telemarketing was for a legitimate business to keep in contact with its regular customers. It didn't yet have the negative connotations it has today (i.e. to call complete strangers at dinnertime from a phone bank in India to ask them if they want their ducts cleaned.)
Tags: telemarketing  commercial  Canada 
Added: 31st March 2015
Views: 863
Posted By: Lava1964
GI Joe Originals Tags: GI  Joe  Originals  dolls  action  figures  hasbro  military  marine  army  navy  air  force  astronaut 
Added: 15th April 2015
Views: 5995
Posted By: Old Fart
Correll Golden Butterfly ntroduced in 1970, Butterfly Gold is one of the original Livingware patterns, and it was designed by artist Gregory Mirow. It was discontinued in the early 80's.
Added: 2nd May 2015
Views: 1517
Posted By: Cathy

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