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Henry the VIIIth I am Hermans Hermits
Tags: Yup 
Added: 2nd January 2008
Views: 1815
Posted By: Marty6697
Im Into Something Good Herman's Hermits.
Tags: Hermans  Hermits  Im  Into  Something  Good 
Added: 27th August 2008
Views: 1466
Posted By: donmac101
Hermans Hermits - Mrs. Brown Youve Got A Lovely Daughter Tags: Pop    Beat    60s    UK    Hermans    Hermits    Mrs.    Brown    you've    got    lovely    daughter    1965 
Added: 19th October 2008
Views: 1390
Posted By: Cathy
Hermans Hermits I posted an earlier clip of Bobby Sherman on Shindig singing a cover of the Herman's Hermits "I'm Into Something Good". This clip is of the Herman's Hermits singing same song.
Tags: Herman's  Hermits 
Added: 26th January 2009
Views: 1617
Posted By: Carl1957
Mrs Brown Hermans Hermits 1965
Tags: Youve  got  a  Lovely  Daughter 
Added: 19th February 2009
Views: 1862
Posted By: Marty6697
Collyer Brothers - Famous NYC Recluses On March 21, 1947, New York City police received an anonymous telephone call reporting a dead body at the Collyer home in what was once a fashionable section of Harlem. The brownstone house was shared by Homer and Langley Collyer, two brothers who gained a measure of celebrity for living like hermits in New York City. The sons of a physician, the Collyer brothers were once prominent and productive citizens. Homer, the older sibling, was an admiralty lawyer. Langley was a concert pianist. Both were Sunday school instructors. Upon the deaths of their parents, though, the brothers shut off themselves from the outside world. They stopped paying taxes and lived without utilities for nearly 30 years. Homer went blind due to hemorrhages and later became paralyzed. Langley became Homer's caregiver. He cooked food on a portable kerosene stove and carried water in buckets from a public park four blocks away. Langley also became a notorious pack rat and scrounger. Venturing out of his house only in the dead of night, he'd shop for whatever food he needed for the day and pick up discarded items of all sorts. He retained newspapers for years so that Homer could catch up on his reading once he regained his sight. He occasionally befriended newspaper reporters who wrote stories about the reclusive Collyer brothers. Langley often fed Homer 100 oranges per week in the hope it would help him regain his eyesight. Fearful of burglars, Langley turned the Collyer house into a maze of pathways and crawl spaces amid the numerous junk and refuse that collected in the house. He built booby-traps to ensnare potential intruders. Based on the anonymous phone tip in March 1947, police broke into the Collyer home and found Homer, clad in a tattered robe, dead in a chair from malnutrition. Nearly a month went by before Langley was found amid the 140 tons of items that had been piled haphazardly throughout the house. Langley's body was found by sanitation workers under a mountain of debris only about 10 feet from where Homer's body had been found. Police theorized that Langley had accidentally tripped one of his own booby-traps and died of suffocation. Helpless and with no one to care for him, Homer slowly died of starvation about two weeks later. Among the wide variety of items found in the Collyer house were 14 pianos, most of a Model T Ford, tons of newspapers, thousands of law books, sexy pin-up posters circa 1910, dressmakers' dummies, unopened mail, 34 passbooks for various bank accounts, and unused tickets to a church function from 1905.
Tags: Collyer  brothers  pack  rats  hermits  NYC 
Added: 7th October 2014
Views: 1908
Posted By: Lava1964

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