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Hawaiian Vacation Disney Mickey Mouse, Goofy
Tags: 1937  Gooden! 
Added: 17th January 2008
Views: 1802
Posted By: Marty6697
Celebrity Family Feud Lost In Space  Hawaiian Eye Cast Tags: Celebrity  Family  Feud  Lost  In  Space    Hawaiian  Eye  Cast 
Added: 8th February 2008
Views: 2416
Posted By: Cathy
Family Feud with Casts of Gilligans Island and Hawaiian Eye 1984 From 1984, here is a special Family Feud Show with the casts of Gilligan's Island and Hawaiian Eye! Taped in 1984.
Tags: Gilligan 
Added: 26th July 2008
Views: 1539
Posted By: videoholic
Family Feud with Casts of Hawaiian Eye and Lost in Space  1984 From 1984, here is a special Family Feud, with the casts of Hawaiian Eye and Lost in Space!!
Tags: Family  Feud  Hawaiian  Eye  Lost  in  Space  1984  Ray  Glasser 
Added: 26th July 2008
Views: 2242
Posted By: videoholic
Hawaiian Punch Commercial Remember this one from the 1960s? Nothing sells like unprovoked violence!
Tags: Hawaiian  Punch  commerical 
Added: 18th August 2008
Views: 1973
Posted By: Lava1964
Blue Hawaii 1961 Elvis Presley's most successful film from a financial standpoint was the light comedy Blue Hawaii (1961). The plot revolves around Chad Gates (Elvis) returning to his family home in Hawaii after being discharged from the army. His father wants Chad to work for the family fruit company but Chad prefers to be independent. Shot on location, Blue Hawaii has some gorgeous scenery--including the lovely Joan Blackman who plays Elvis' romantic interest. Songs from the movie include the title track, Can't Help Falling In Love, and the Hawaiian Wedding Song. This film's box office appeal--and the success of its soundtrack--shifted Elvis away from dramatic roles. (His serious roles in both Flaming Star and Charro did not do nearly as well at the box office.) Blue Hawaii strangely features Angela Lansbury as Elvis' mother--even though Lansbury was actually just nine years older than Elvis.
Tags: Blue  Hawaii  Elvis  Presley 
Added: 19th November 2009
Views: 2171
Posted By: Lava1964
Second Attack on Pearl Harbor - 1942 Few American realize the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor twice during the Second World War. The second attack, on March 4, 1942, was hushed up by the military. The residents who lived in the area where the bombs fell were not even sure what had happened. Many believed it was a local defense battery practice. The intended target, Pearl Harbor, was miles away from where the Japanese bombs actually fell. Neverthless, less than 90 days after the famous December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor attack, the Japanese attempted a second attack. On Wednesday, March 4, 1942 during the early morning hours, four 550-pound bombs were dropped on Mount Tantalus, a quiet residential section in Honolulu. The U.S. Military officials confirmed two enemy planes were responsible for the raid. The planes were Kawanishi H8K flying boats that launched from a spy base housed near the Hawaiian archipelago. There were no injuries reported or loss of life and only limited property damage. The bombs fell in a wooded section of the area, creating a large crater and shattering a few windows.
Tags: Pearl  Harbor  Second  Attack  war 
Added: 7th April 2011
Views: 6338
Posted By: Lava1964
Hawaiian Punch Tags: Hawaiian  Punch,  1973,  70 
Added: 22nd June 2011
Views: 1311
Posted By: pfc
WWII Hawaii Overprint Money After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, there was a legitimate fear that the Japanese would next launch a full-scale invasion of the Hawaiian Islands and occupy them. Among the consequences if that nightmare scenario actually unfolded was that all the US paper money in Hawaii would be seized from banks, businesses and private citizens and be used to finance Imperial Japan's war machine. Accordingly, a remarkable decision was made: During the first half of 1942, Hawaii's residents were ordered take their paper money to special collection areas and exchange it for new bills. Each bill had a special overprint of the word HAWAII on its reverse side. If Hawaii ever did fall to the Japanese, the US government would immediately declare the Hawaii overprint bills to be worthless. The old bills that were exchanged--about $200 million of them--were burned under the supervision of the American military. Such a calamity never occurred, of course. The overprint notes are still acceptable as legitimate US money today, although they rarely are found in general circulation.
Tags: Hawaii  WWII  money  overprint  bills 
Added: 22nd May 2017
Views: 1286
Posted By: Lava1964

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