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David Nelson David Nelson in his scout uniform was the son on "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet."
Tags: david  nelson        the  adventures  of  ozzie  and  harriet 
Added: 6th November 2008
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Posted By: Teresa
Ozzie and Harriet Kodak Opening Here's the opening 70 seconds from the Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Ozzie Nelson wastes no time in plugging Kodak, the show's sponsor.
Tags: Kodad  Ozzie  Harriet 
Added: 10th December 2008
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Posted By: Lava1964
Ozzie Explains Women To Rick Tags: Ozzie  Explains  Women  To  Rick  tv    television    comedy    painting    rick    ozzie    harriet    nelson    psychology    philosophy    men    women    humor     
Added: 27th July 2009
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Posted By: Laura
Hillbilly Families Then and Now Tags: Hillbilly  Families  Then  and  Now  Richard  and  Mayumi  Heene  Buddy  Ebsen  Irene  Ryan  Donna  Douglas  Max  Baer  Jr.  Raymond  Bailey  Nancy  Kulp  Bea  Benaderet  Harriet  E.  MacGibbon 
Added: 17th December 2009
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Posted By: Cliffy
Do You Recognize This Couple This is a photo (circa 2010) of Richard Bull and Katherine MacGregor who played Nels and Harriet Oleson on the classic family western series Little House on the Prairie. Nels was the gentle, good-natured, lovable proprietor of Walnut Grove's mercantile. Harriet...not so much. (...And I won't even discuss how their two kids behaved!) Both Bull and MacGregor are well into their eighties now.
Tags: Nels  Harriet  Oleson  Richard  Bull  Katherine  MacGregor 
Added: 11th May 2012
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Posted By: Lava1964
TV Disaster - My Three Sons Final Season My Three Sons ran for 12 seasons (1960 through 1972), first on ABC then on CBS. It is the second-longest running live-action sitcom in American TV history, behind only The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Despite plentiful cast changes, the departure of three major characters, and implausible plot twists, it remained a reliable ratings-grabber year after year. For most of its time on CBS, MTS enjoyed a favorable Saturday 8 p.m. time slot. Prior to what would be its final season, CBS decided to give its hugely popular new series All in the Family the time slot MTS was accustomed to having. MTS was moved to Monday at 10 p.m.--a horrible time for most kids to watch it. In addition to the time change for the twelfth season, a bizarre storyline was introduced: Fred MacMurray, who played family patriarch Steven Douglas, took on a second role--that of his cousin the Laird (Lord) Ferguson McBain Douglas of Sithian Bridge. English actor Alan Caillou's voice was dubbed for MacMurray's whenever Lord Douglas spoke. The plot centered around Lord Douglas' arrival in Los Angeles from Scotland. He came in search of a First Lady to marry and return with him to Scotland. He found Terri Dowling (Anne Francis), a waitress at the Blue Berry Bowling Alley. While initially reluctant to give up her life in America and return to Scotland as royalty, she finally accepted. This odd storyline was a continuation of a plot idea that originally began in the fourth season, when the Douglases visited Scotland on the pretense of having been told they had inherited a castle. With a later time slot--well after many younger MTS fans had gone to bed--the show finished the season outside the Top 30 for only the second time. In an attempt to save the series, CBS moved MTS in midseason to Thursday at 8:30 P.M. Nevertheless, MTS ended its prime-time run in the spring of 1972. Fred MacMurray, bitterly disappointed, protested the show's cancellation to CBS head honcho Fred Silverman, but to no avail. Although MTS was a staple on the rerun circuit for many years, the awful twelfth season was generally not included in the episodes made available for rebroadcast.
Tags: My  Three  Sons  sitcom  plot  twist 
Added: 9th July 2012
Views: 3588
Posted By: Lava1964
Ozzies Girls Does anyone (besides me) even remember the short-lived syndicated sitcom Ozzie's Girls? It aired in 1973. Twenty-four episodes were made. Here was the premise: Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, now empty-nesters, decide to rent their sons' old bedrooms to a pair of college girls named Susie Hamilton and Brenda MacKenzie. (Strangely, Brenda was known as Jennifer for the first few episodes; the name change was never explained.) The show's plots often centered around the parents of two boys now having to cope with two females in their house--mostly Ozzie's difficulties in adapting to a female-dominated home. David Nelson produced the series. Derided by Total Television as a "limp sequel" to The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, Ozzie's Girls never caught on. It was not renewed for a second season.
Tags: sitcom  Ozzies  Girls  sequel 
Added: 15th July 2013
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Posted By: Lava1964
Nelson Family Interview -1981 This is a 1981 clip from Good Morning, America in which host David Hartman interviews Harriet, David and Ricky Nelson. (Ozzie had died in 1975.) All of the Nelsons are gone now. Harriet died in 1994. David passed in 2011. Ricky was killed in a plane crash in 1985.
Tags: Nelson  family  interview  1981  ABC 
Added: 15th July 2013
Views: 2276
Posted By: Lava1964
Travelin Man - First TV Music Video Ricky Nelson, the younger of the two sons of TV's Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, became a successful recording artist starting in 1957. His first single, a cover version of Fats Domino's "I'm Walkin'," sold more than a million copies in record time. After that startling debut, Ricky regularly performed a song at the end of each episode of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. In 1961, Ricky had another song with "Travelin' Man." Since the song was short, Ozzie came up with an idea: Ricky would perform it twice. The second time it would be sung with a video montage of geographical locations shown in the background. The result was what some music historians cite as TV's first music video. Enjoy!
Tags: video  music  Travelin  Man  Ricky  Nelson  TV 
Added: 5th November 2014
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Posted By: Lava1964

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