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Pitney Bowes Postage Meter Ad In 1953 running out of postage stamps was apparently grounds for justifiable homicide. No worries! The handy Pitney-Bowes postage meter will prevent office bloodshed.
Tags: Pitney  Bowes  postage  meter  ad 
Added: 24th March 2008
Views: 1789
Posted By: Lava1964
Vincent Price on Whats My Line Vincent Price is a very cultured and comedic mystery challenger on this episode of What's My Line from December 16, 1956. (You better have a French-to-English translation book handy to understand some of Vincent's answers.)
Tags: Whats  My  Line  Vincent  Price 
Added: 27th June 2008
Views: 2109
Posted By: Lava1964
Lyndon Johnson Driving His Amphi i don't know guys . . think i'd have a life jacket handy!
Tags: lyndon  johnson 
Added: 29th June 2008
Views: 1354
Posted By: Teresa
Time for an Oldie Goldie  HandyMan Did I ever love this song! Info on Jimmy Jones is in Comments Section:
Tags: jimmy  jones  handy  man  60s  doo  wop 
Added: 15th August 2008
Views: 1829
Posted By: Naomi
Infomercial King Billy Mays Found Dead in Home DEVELOPING: Television pitchman Billy Mays who built his fame by appearing on commercials and infomercials promoting household products and gadgets died Sunday, FOX News confirms. Mays was found unresponsive by his wife inside his Tampa, Fla., home at 7:45 a.m. on Sunday, according to the Tampa Police Department. Police said there were no signs of forced entry to May's residence and foul play is not suspected. Authorities said an autopsy should be complete by Monday afternoon. Mays, 50, was on board a US Airways flight that blew out its front tires as it landed at a Tampa airport on Saturday, MyFOXTampa.com reported. "Although Billy lived a public life, we don't anticipate making any public statements over the next couple of days. Our family asks that you respect our privacy during these difficult times," Mays wife, Deborah, said in a statement on Sunday.
Tags: Billy  Mays  Oxi  Clean    Infomercials  Commercials  Mays  Promotions,  Inc  Max  Appel  Home  Shopping  Network  OxiClean,  Orange  Glo,  Kaboom,  Engrave  It,  Handy  Switch,  iCan,  Mighty  Mendit,  Mighty  Putty 
Added: 28th June 2009
Views: 1771
Posted By: Steve
Pull Tabs Beverage cans once required old-style puncture type openers. No handy opener meant no one could drink form the can! This was obviously not a good situation for beverage companies. The solution was to invent a pull-off pull tab that eliminated the need for an opener. However, there were inherent dangers. A tab might often be razor-sharp when it was detached from the can, so it presented a potential hazard if tossed away carelessly. There was at least one recorded case of a person swallowing a tab. (How does that happen?) By the mid-1970s, the pull-off tabs had been replaced by the press-down opening system which basically operated on the old-style puncture premise. Cans were equipped with two protrusions. The drinker pressed on the small one to release a small amount of carbonation, then pressed the big one which provided a drinking hole. By the 1980s, the modern, no-hassle, litter-free, pull-down pull tab had come into vogue and was happily accepted by the public.
Tags: pull  tabs  cans 
Added: 7th June 2012
Views: 2609
Posted By: Lava1964
Pat Harrington Jr aka Schneider Passes At 86 Pat Harrington Jr., who played handyman Schneider on the popular sitcom "One Day at a Time," has died at age 86, his daughter announced Thursday morning.
Tags: Pat  Harrington  Jr  aka  Schneider  Passes  At  86  One  Day  At  A  Time  Bonnie  Franklin  Valerie  Bertinelli   
Added: 7th January 2016
Views: 825
Posted By: Old Fart
Henry Ford Invents Charcoal Most people realize that Henry Ford was responsible for the assembly line--a groundbreaking factory innovation that made the manufacturing of automobiles (and everything else) go much faster. Few people, however, know that Ford also invented modern charcoal briquets! Amazingly, Ford's auto assembly line led to the development of the blackened fuel chunks. Here's what happened: One day in the 1920s Ford visited his Dearborn automobile plant and was aghast at the amount of wood that was wasted in the manufacture of his Model T cars. Ford found all types of waste to be unacceptable, so he wanted the wood bits left over from his cars' wheels and interiors to be put to a good and profitable use. He figured that since wood chips were highly flammable, they could be used as a handy portable fuel source. He consulted with some chemists and came up with the idea of charcoal pieces suitable for barbecues. Furthermore, they fit in nicely with promotional literature of the era that encouraged American consumers to buy Ford automobiles for peaceful, long drives in the country. What better way to cap off a serene weekend drive than to have a cookout using Ford's charcoal? This photo shows a package of 1920s briquets bearing the familiar Ford logo.
Tags: Henry  Ford  charcoal  inventor 
Added: 11th February 2016
Views: 1347
Posted By: Lava1964

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