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Maxine on Your Sex Life Tags: maxine  aging  comics 
Added: 12th October 2007
Views: 2727
Posted By: Naomi
         Forget the Birdseed Pal don't sit too still for too long....
Tags: feeding  the  birds  vultures  aging  comics 
Added: 26th October 2007
Views: 17048
Posted By: Babs64
Louie Anderson at The 9th Annual Young Comedians Special 1984 Rodney Dangerfield Hosts the 9th Annual Young Comedians Special. Taped at his nightclub in New York City, Dangerfield performed and acted as host while he introduced several young comedians who were given the opportunity to perform. Louie Anderson was one of eleven children and was raised on the east side of Saint Paul, Minnesota. He feels that his first audience was his family and many of his early experiences are the cornerstone of his comedy act. He will have you in stitches talking about his dad. His material involves his relationship with his mother and father, and many life experiences. In 1999, Louie landed the role as host of the new version of Family Feud. He beat out popular country singer Dolly Parton for the role. Anderson asked former Feud host Richard Dawson to come on the premiere show to give him his blessing, but Dawson declined.
Tags: louie  anderson  rodney  dangerfield  stand  up  comics 
Added: 5th November 2007
Views: 4905
Posted By: Guido
Lenny Bruce on Steve Allen 1 Not his best (censorship) but he opened the door for future comics to speak their mind.Glue trivia A famous actor was having Chinese food and put hot mustard on the food and said they should put this in glue.Hence oil of mustard is in glue now to prevent it from being sniffed.
Tags: Lenny  Bruce  on  Steve  Allen 
Added: 31st December 2007
Views: 2451
Posted By: tommy7
Midlife-isms I know if I post in description it gets all jumbled so see my comment.
Tags: Comics  On  Aging  Mid  Life  Crisis 
Added: 26th April 2008
Views: 1953
Posted By: Freckles
Mid Life Tags: mid  life  doctors  aging  comics 
Added: 10th January 2008
Views: 1939
Posted By: Naomi
Windows 65 Each time I look at this I see another clever item!
Tags: Windows  65  Comics  on  Aging 
Added: 10th May 2008
Views: 2842
Posted By: Cliffy
Heather Mills represents herself they says a person who represents themself in court has a fool for a client.
Tags: heather  mills  court  paul  mcCartney  beatles  comics  evil 
Added: 13th February 2008
Views: 4909
Posted By: geminat
The Legend of BatMan begins in Detective Comics It was on May 27, 1939, that the character of Batman made his first appearance in Detective Comics #27. Unlike most superheroes, he does not possess any superpowers; he makes use of intellect, detective skills, science and technology, wealth, physical prowess, and intimidation in his war on crime.
Tags: detective  comics  batman  gotham  city  fictional  characters 
Added: 27th May 2008
Views: 2062
Posted By: Naomi
What A Woman Wants In A Man...Through The Years Its NOT this guy ever!! The comments works best for text so I will post the joke in comments!
Tags: What  A  Woman  Wants  In  A  Man...Through  The  Years    Comics  On  Aging 
Added: 11th April 2008
Views: 1871
Posted By: Old Fart

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