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Magnificent Marble Machine Here's a unique and forgotten game show: The Magnificent Marble Machine! Hosted by Art James, the show ran for 11 months on NBC starting on July 7, 1975. Designed to take advantage of the pinball craze, contestants were paired with celebrity partners to solve word puzzles, which, by some bizarre logic, entitled the winners to play an oversized pinball machine for cash and prizes! If the ball hit a bumper the contestant won a prize. Hey, I liked the show, but I was 11 years old at the time.
Tags: Magnificent  Marble  Machine 
Added: 17th December 2008
Views: 3366
Posted By: Lava1964
German Children of Charles Lindbergh In 1927, Charles Lindbergh, a virtualy unknown air mail pilot from Minnesota, became a worldwide celebrity with his daring solo flight over the Atlantic Ocean. He remained a beloved American hero until the onset of the Second World War when his isolationist views thinly disguised an admiration for Nazi Germany. Twenty-nine years after Lindbergh died in 1974, Lindbergh's reputation took another beating. It was revealed he had fathered at least seven children with three German mistressess during his many trips abroad in the 1950s and 1960s. In 2003 three of them, the children of Brigitte Hesshaimer, produced 112 letters Lindbergh had written to their mother along with childhood photographs with the famed aviator and their own recollections of the tall, lanky man who they knew as Careau Kent. DNA tests conclusively proved they were Lindbergh's children. The Hesshaimer children, born between 1958 and 1967, said they didn't realize Lindbergh was their father until the early 1980s when Bouteuil, the middle child, began asking questions. After discovering a bundle of letters allegedly written by Lindbergh and addressed to her mother, Bouteuil confronted her and was finally told that Kent was actually Lindbergh. The children promised to keep the secret until both their mother and Lindbergh's widow, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, were deceased. Both died in 2001. The revelation stunned Lindbergh's Pulitzer-prize winning biographer, A. Scott Berg, who told the Associated Press when the siblings made their claim, it would have been "out of character for Lindbergh to father the siblings." The Hesshaimers say Lindbergh met their mother, a Munich hatmaker, and fell in love in the mid-1950s when he spent much of his time traveling. Lindbergh would visit the family once or twice a year when the children were young, staying for five days to two weeks, Dyrk Hesshaimer said, and their mother forbade them from discussing their father outside of the family. “We quickly built up a close relationship to him,” he said. “We didn't have the time together with him that other children had with their fathers, but when he was there he concentrated very intensively on us.” Bouteil recalled breakfasts where her mother and Lindbergh would talk for hours, and of the people he'd met. “I knew he was something special,” Dyrk Hesshaimer said. “He had knowledge about U.S. politics that wasn't in the news at the time.” Their mother received what would be her final letter dated Aug. 16, 1974. It read, “I am losing energy everyday. My love to you and the children, all I can send.” Brigitte Hesshaimer later read in the papers that Lindbergh had died of cancer on Aug. 26, 1974 She told her children simply that their father was dead. Subsequent research by German investigators found that Lindbergh had fathered four other children with two other German women.
Tags: Charles  Linbdergh  paternity  scandal 
Added: 22nd December 2013
Views: 2257
Posted By: Lava1964
Name The Film An oldie but goodie.
Added: 18th December 2008
Views: 1210
Posted By: jedwgrn
The Night Before Christmas 1933 Original Version Classic Disney
Tags: Oldie  but  Gooden!! 
Added: 21st December 2008
Views: 1582
Posted By: Marty6697
I Want a Hippopotomus for Christmas As far back as I can remember, this song was the one I sang and played constantly on a little record played my folks had given me as a present around 1953. I was only 5-6 at the time, but this song made me so happy! I never did get one though...
Tags: Gayle  Peevey  I  Want  a  Hippopotamus  for  Christmas 
Added: 24th December 2008
Views: 2243
Posted By: Naomi
Another Eartha Kitt Tribute . . New York, 1952 . .
Tags: eartha  kitt      santa  baby 
Added: 27th December 2008
Views: 1906
Posted By: Teresa
VW Dog Commercial this is one of my favs! but, i am still looking for the phone commercial with the laser where the guy overhears the phone number and says, "i'm the man" . . help me out guys!!!
Tags: vw  dog  commercial 
Added: 27th December 2008
Views: 1403
Posted By: Teresa
Gambit Another favorite game show from my youth: Gambit! This CBS program was loosely based on blackjack. It ran from 1972 through 1976. I apologize for the substandard video quality, but host Wink Martindale should apologize for that suit he's wearing.
Tags: Gambit  game  show 
Added: 6th January 2009
Views: 1456
Posted By: Lava1964
Everythings amazing but nobodys happy Tags: Everythings  amazing  but  nobodys  happy  Conan    obrian    obrien    everythings    amazing    nobodys    happy    comedian    stand    up    louis    ck     
Added: 1st March 2009
Views: 1773
Posted By: pfc
The Stylistics- I Cant Give You Anything But My Love Does anyone else remember this gem from them?
Tags: The  Stylistics-  I  Cant  Give  You  Anything  But  My  Love  Soul  70s  Music 
Added: 13th January 2009
Views: 1455
Posted By: pfc

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