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Theme Building  LAX This is the famous "Theme Building" at the Los Angeles International Airport. This restaurant was designed in the early 1960's, when L.A. was still new and hope for the future abounded. Everyone thought the future would be just like "The Jetsons". The building was recently refurbished, and now the interior is intentionally retro-60's.
Tags: theme  builing  lax  encounters  restaurant 
Added: 21st August 2007
Views: 2094
Posted By: lambchop
Eastbound and Down Smoke and the Bandit Tags: Eastbound  and  Down  Smoke  and  the  Bandit 
Added: 4th October 2007
Views: 1969
Posted By: Cliffy
Paul Simon and George Harrison SNL I love this duet of "Homeward Bound" from Paul Simon and George Harrison when they appeared together on SNL in 1976!
Tags: saturday  night  live  paul  simon  george  harrison  homeward  bound 
Added: 29th December 2007
Views: 3415
Posted By: Babs64
Homeward Bound Simon & Garfunkel Central Park New York 1981
Tags: Nice  Song 
Added: 13th May 2008
Views: 1357
Posted By: Marty6697
Poltergeist Theme This film had a lot of bad luck and theories abounded. Great music though by Jerry Goldsmith and one of my favourite horrors. I like how this theme lulls you into a false sense of security.
Tags: Steven  Spielberg  Jerry  Goldsmith  Heather  O  Rourke  Toby  Hooper   
Added: 23rd February 2008
Views: 1386
Posted By: donmac101
Jonathan Livingston Seagull One of the top-selling books in the United States in the early 1970s was Richard Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull. By 1972 there were over a million copies sold. It is the simple story of a bird who seeks more out of life than a mundane existence as a scavenger. The novella has an inspiring fable-like quality. It teaches that the only boundaries to achievement are the ones we create ourselves.
Tags: Jonathan  Livingston  Seagull  literature 
Added: 28th June 2009
Views: 1433
Posted By: Lava1964
Rebound Commercial Another game from my youth: Rebound. I still have the pieces, but the board is long gone. This commercial ran during the mid-1970s.
Tags: Rebound  commercial 
Added: 3rd June 2008
Views: 1147
Posted By: Lava1964
Glenn Miller Disappearance Renowned band leader Glenn Miller's disappearance in 1944 has led to some interesting speculation. On December 15, 1944, Miller, a major in the U.S. Army, and two other military personnel departed from an RAF base in England in a small aircraft bound for Paris. Miller was scheduled to meet with his band and begin a concert tour for U.S troops in recently liberated areas of France. Miller's airplane never arrived. No wreckage nor any bodies were ever found. The prevailing wisdom is that bad weather over the English Channel caused the plane to crash into the sea killing all aboard. Two other possibilities have emerged: That same day a squadron of bombers destined for Germany had their mission aborted because of the inclement weather. Unable to return with their payload of explosives, the squadron was ordered to jettison their bombs into the English Channel. Years later one aviator claimed some of the discarded bombs accidentally caused a small aircraft flying below the squadron--which could have been Miller's--to crash into the sea. A more lurid tale claims Miller landed safely in France but died of a heart attack in a Parisian brothel. According to this yarn, Miller's seedy death was covered up by the military for propaganda reasons. This latter rumor circulated during the war and was given new life when the German tabloid Bild reprinted the brothel tale in 1997. Miller biographers consider that story to be sheer nonsense. They rightly ask, 'What became of Flight Officer John Morgan and Lt. Col. Norman F. Baessell (the other two men aboard Miller's plane) who also vanished?'
Tags: Glenn  Miller  disappearance 
Added: 14th July 2008
Views: 2016
Posted By: Lava1964
George and Tammy    We Loved It Away I wasn't always a country music fan, but after 43 years with a country boy, it was bound to grow on me.
Tags: george  jones  tammy  wynette  we  loved  it  away  country  music 
Added: 11th April 2009
Views: 1094
Posted By: Naomi
Jay Leno with Don Rickles 1995 From 1995, here is part of a "Tonight" Show with Jay Leno, with Don Rickles as his guest! Laughs abound, as usual!
Tags: Jay  Leno  Don  Rickles  Ray  Glasser  1995 
Added: 6th July 2009
Views: 2110
Posted By: videoholic

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