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Theres No One As Irish As Barack O Bama Need a chuckle? Listen to the Corrigan Brothers sing There's No One As Irish As Barack O'Bama.
Tags: Corrigan  Brothers  Irish  Barack  Obama 
Added: 21st January 2009
Views: 1857
Posted By: Lava1964
Name The Actor  Film and Saying what actor SHOULD be in Barack Obama's spot . . what is the film AND the saying that was crucial . .
Tags: trivia 
Added: 12th July 2008
Views: 1192
Posted By: Teresa
American Cult Our new President! We now finally have a President of the people and for the people. Who better to represent a melting pot country other than a melting pot American. God Bless our new President and God Bless Our Country.
Tags: Barack  Obama  cult  war  poverty  crime  economy  president  iraq  isreal  america  american  election  current  events  mccain  bush  hope  change  tax  taxes  us  u.s.  jobs  elect 
Added: 10th January 2009
Views: 1442
Posted By: newyork2philly
Piggy Wiggy Flu the 2009 Swine Flu Outbreak This is intended only to shed light on the hysteria that the Swine Flu has brought about world wide. We went through this spoof back in 1976 and recently with the bird flu epidemic just a few years ago...remember?
Tags: Swine  Flu  Barack  Hussien  Obama  Porky  Pig  Pigs  Pink  Floyd  Kramer  Pigman  CDC  Mexico  Outbreak  Borders  Google  Maps  Michael  Jackson  Surgical  Masks  Dorah  Arnold  The  Pig  Gerald  Ford  Three  Pigs  Thermaflu  White  House  Pigs  In  Space  Miss  Piggy  Dirty  Jobs  Charolette 
Added: 30th April 2009
Views: 1735
Posted By: Cliffy
Osama Bin Ladens Capture-Artist Conception Tags: Osama  Bin  Ladens  Capture-Artist  Conception,  Barack  Obama,  Osama  Bin  Laden  Captured  Video,   
Added: 5th May 2011
Views: 1792
Posted By: Cliffy
Half Time in America- Clint Eastwood Premiering during the Super Bowl 2012, this advertisement was criticized by several leading US conservatives, who claimed it implied that President Barack Obama deserved a second term. In response to the criticism, Eastwood stated "I am certainly not politically affiliated with Mr. Obama. It was meant to be a message about job growth and the spirit of America."
Tags: Half  Time  in  America-  Clint  Eastwood 
Added: 4th September 2012
Views: 1976
Posted By: Cliffy

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