Members: 12 | Media: 15Toy Freaks
A group for adults that never grew up and love vintage toys and model kits from 60's and earlier! Newer toys will be considered.
Tags: toys collectibles vintage
Created: 16th August 2007
Status: Public
Owner: dezurtdude
Members: 1 | Media: 0Steves Disco
Some of my favorite all time disco songs from the 70s and 80s with many surprise groups you would never associate with disco.
Tags: disco favorites
Created: 25th February 2009
Status: Public
Steve is the owner of this group!
Members: 8 | Media: 970s Music
Group for those who absolutely love the 70s music!
Tags: 70s music
Created: 7th December 2008
Status: Private_owner_approval
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