Do you love old TV shows, cheesy movies, oldies music and collecting mountains of precious 'junk' like I do? Well, friends, this might just be the group for YOU! Your very own, brand new--group! Not just 1960's stuff here, but all periods in history from the 1930's to the 1980's!
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When Cartoons were Cartoons
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One of my pet peeves is political correctness. It's the scourge of the planet. It inhibits thought, free speech, and honest discourse. I'm fighting back in my own tiny way by forming this group to collect all the posts whose contents might be considered offensive today but ruffled few feathers when they were originally made. You know the type of stuff I mean: cigarette ads, sexist commercials, etc. I'm also including examples of political correctness run amuck--which are sadly becoming more and more plentiful.
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What's My Line? was the classiest game show ever to air on American television. The prize money on the show was ridiculously puny--even by the standards of the time. But no one ever tuned in to WML to see someone get rich. The attraction was the four-member panel, always an erudite bunch, trying to figure out the contestants' occupations--and, of course, trying to identify the famous mystery guest. I've added so many WML clips to this website, I figured I might as well start a group dedicated to this wonderful old TV show.
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