Kukla Fran and Oliie Remember this Roseann? My whole family loved watching these guys, they were such a riot! Of course our favorite was Ollie..who didn't love his snaggletooth??
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Chaplin Speech The Great Dictator 1940 This is from the The Great Dictator (1940) starring Charlie Chaplin. In this film Chaplin played two roles: One was Adenoid Hynkel, the dictator of Tomania (an obvious parody of Adolf Hitler); the other was a Jewish barber who looked like Hynkel. In this scene the barber takes the place of Hynkel and, instead of making the expected declaration of war, uses the podium to plea for a better world. It's quite a moving speech...
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Some Like It Hot Final Scene Jack Lemmon and Joe E. Brown in the memorable final scene from Some Like It Hot (1959). The last line is a film classic.
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Fred Allen on Whats My Line Comedian Fred Allen appears as a mystery challenger on this episode of What's My Line in 1953. Allen, a huge radio star, had difficulty finding his niche in the new medium of television. He briefly hosted a talent show for a few months in 1953. Soon afterward Allen became a regular panelist on What's My Line--a position he held until his sudden death from a heart attack in 1956.
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