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Posted by: Electricland on 5th December 2011Great!!
I miss you and your comedic comments.

You brought immediate joy to me so many times.

Thank you!
Posted by: Electricland on 1st April 2009WHERE R U?

You belong here!

Come on back everyday!
Posted by: Electricland on 1st April 2009TRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're delightfully amusing! :)
Posted by: Jedwgrn on 31st March 2009Texas
I know exactly where The Woodlands are. One of my sons and his family lives in North Houston. I live in Killeen, Central Texas, northwest of Austin and southwest of Waco.
Posted by: Electricland on 31st March 2009Stacy!
Pink and Green ...what a comination. I should change it to yellow and yellow.

I must tell you, you are my kind of person. I may have said that already. :0

Acapulco Gold is something I just found out about, I had no idea what it was.

There is a clip on it here.

Have a nice day. :)
Posted by: Electricland on 31st March 2009Oscar Lady

You seem to be on here always. When do you sleep, ever?

I didn't get a chance to see the Oscars this year. Things are way diffent here where I am.

You have encouraged a lot of talk on YRT.

Thanks for the laughs. :)
Posted by: Electricland on 30th March 2009HELLO

I am happy to see you here full of life.

Well, I am here ... you can send me a comment or 5 at my profile page. :)

Ever had any Acapulco Gold?

No, comments here are all done on the same post, so you have to recheck the post weekly.

Well, you got to get your site noticed by telling people of it through passing information about it.

I see you like the 80s, should be cool once you find out the way to upload them here. Somebody has to know. It's from the computer then on to YRT (here).

Talk 2 U soon,

Posted by: Mia_bambina on 29th March 2009Welcome
Welcome, to one of the best places on the web!
Have fun hunting the site*
Posted by: Littlegoldwoman on 29th March 2009omg
Electricland, im so curious about which comments you are talking about. LOL
Ill have to go back and look now!

Im so happy people are talking to me. So many times I make comments and they go un noticed. Is there a way to get e-mail notifications of replies to comments?

And yes I will add yaull to my links on my page. I dont think very many people visit there though. lol

I have been posting a ton of stuff from here to my facebook links though and I have over 600 friends on there.

I am loving this site! I cant wait to hunt down some stuff to add! I might not have much 70s stuff but I have butt loads of 80s stuff and so does my husband. I also have TONS of 80s tv taped on VHSs If I could just figure out how to get them from there to HERE!!

Posted by: Electricland on 29th March 2009Have you considered becoming a comedian?
Stacy, some of your comments are giving me the shivers. I hope some are not accurate accounts of events in your life. Ever been in a combat unit?
You sound like great fun. :0

Have a pleasant day :)

Posted by: Electricland on 29th March 2009Stacy!

I see you are creating a cool blog site.

That is great.
I'll be checking up on it monthly.
Posted by: Electricland on 29th March 2009Good Talker
That is a nice avatar you got there.
Posted by: Steve on 29th March 2009Links
Gee I hope you add us to your links on your site!

Nice to have you on board!
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