Near death experiences (NDEs) are individual experiences associated with close encounters with death.  People who declare having encountered NDEs have described it as dream with bright lights, feelings of calmness and flashbacks of their lives. Essays on near-death experiences discuss the research results or scientific evidences that support this kind of experience, the spiritual perspective on NDEs, descriptions of NDEs, and some interesting near-death experience stories.

The validity of NDEs has grown over time to such a point that it was finally introduced in the academic setting for study in the fields of psychology, psychiatry and parapsychology.  Psychologist Raymond Moody is famous for his investigations of NDEs and wrote a book about his findings entitled “Life After Life”.   Later, the International Association for Near Death Studies was founded in 1981. These developments in the study of NDEs should also be discussed in essays on near-death experiences. In addition, essays on near-death experiences should relate some of the typical experiences described by people who have had near-death encounters.  Some of these experiences are listed below:

Typical near-death experiences to list in essays on near-death experiences.

1.        A consciousness of being dead.

2.        Hearing an unpleasant sound.

3.        A tube or tunnel experience.

4.        Viewing an intense and brilliant light.

5.        Meeting beings dressed in white.

6.        Life flashbacks.

7.        An encounter with the universe.

Aside from these common characters, the clinical conditions associated with NDEs should also be described in essays on near-death experiences including cardiac arrest, loss of blood, coma, intracerebral hemorrhage, asphyxia and septic or anaphylactic shock. Discussing the scientific analysis, theories and the information on the continued search for biological cause of NDEs is also necessary in essays on near-death experiences. You can also write an essay on near-death experiences that compares the spiritual and medical explanations of NDEs. For example, the spiritual or religious explanation maintains that NDEs are proof of the human soul, heaven and hell.

Essays on near-death experiences can make good case studies, research papers, or even narrative essays if the writer has had such an experience himself.  By finding the right sources on near-death experiences and by reading examples of essays from Personal Cultural Identity Essay website on near-death experiences you will be able to write your own well-informed and thought-provoking essay on near-death experiences.