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We are currently in a bit of a transitory phase. Now that the blu ray player has been invented, the media are doing everything in their power to establish this new form as the penultimate form of entertainment recording in existence. In reality it is a great form of record, but what makes it so much better than the standard DVD format? 


This is tough to answer and it is probably the most likely reason that it has taken us so long in order to transition fully from DVD. This is nothing like the past transition between VHS and DVD. VHS was seen as clunky. Much like when we switched from cassette to compact disc, look and feel alone was almost enough to make the switch worthwhile. Instead of having stacks and stacks of ugly brick like cassettes covering your walls and corners you could simply own a binder full of DVDs and CDs and file the boxes you bought them in away in an attic or a basement. 


The binder would be enough protection so there would be no need for the case like there would be with cassettes or VHS. This all goes without having even mentioned the fact that the quality is completely superior. VHS still had scratchy pictures with grains all over them, and their operation was ridiculously simplistic and yet so complicated. Nobody could figure out how to fix a broken VHS player, but to fix a DVD or blu ray player all it took was tightening a few screws or something equally simple. 


The audio was also vastly superior in DVD, and outside of the clear picture and the clear audio we also had added extras like language selection and special menus with features like cast commentary and other things that were simply unmissable to an avid collector. With all of these extras, it was no wonder it only took a few years to completely phase VHS out of our culture and move on to DVD as the sole medium of entertainment.


The problem today though is figuring out exactly how to market the relatively new blu ray player. The blu ray player resembles the DVD player in every way, and even the discs themselves look the same. The only difference being the usually blue tint to the bottoms of all blu ray discs, but other than this, the blu ray player offers no readily apparent benefits over the standard DVD player. Consumers need to be more educated in this regard though and if they were, the correct choice would be far more apparent. 


There is no better alternative to the blu ray player because at this point even the developers have yet to realize the full power of the device they have created. Storage space on the discs is virtually unlimited. VLC Media Player, funding permitted, movie studios that release these discs could theoretically add hours upon hours of bonus features to the discs, even going so far as to put two or three movies on the same disc. Therefore they can fit more hours of footage than ever possible with a DVD and entire series’ of movies can be included on a single disc, making a ton of space for people. All it takes is a little research into specs for one to realize how much better the blu ray player is than the DVD player.