Posted by: Frank on 2008-11-09 
I also remember this episode, even though I was a young kid, I do remember this particular episode. I also remember the next airing after Miss Kilgallen had passed and the host of the show talked about it for a few moments. It was very moving to say the least!
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2008-11-09 
Glad you enjoyed the clip, ChowDog.

Dorothy Kilgallen identified two of the four contestants on her final show. (The other one was a female dynamite salesman.)

Dorothy seems in good spirits here, so I don't buy the argument that her death was a suicide. Maybe it was an accidental lethal combination of pills and booze. Maybe it wasn't.
Posted by: ChowDog on 2008-11-09 
This is a remarkable clip! First off, Joey Heatherton. As a boy I thought she was the most beautiful and sweetest lasy on the whole planet! So thanks for thst much of the clip.

I remember my mom and some other relatives sitting around after dinner and talking about Dorothy Kilgallen's death. I had no clue who this woman was then. But to hear my mom and them associate her death with JFK really caught my attention.

Thanks for the post!