Posted by: garyh4u on 2010-07-25 
This was a very good rendition of mixing the two up ... an excellent job. I have been a fan of both series and it made me laugh in the way it was done, but it was done so tastefully ... top notch !!!!
Posted by: eric1957 on 2008-08-25 
Very good. Better than the original Star Trek opening.
Posted by: BadWX on 2008-08-25 
Duh...Apollo 13. Me toh toopid. I meant Apollo 11.
Posted by: BadWX on 2008-08-24 
A couple of things...

First, erik1957 this one is for you.

Second, this was done for the episode Tomorrow is Yesterday. That's why the video has the date July 13, 1969. The episode was set about a week for the Apollo 13 mission. Most of the footage used in this open is from the remastered version of that episode.