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Posted by: Pfc on 2008-07-09 
Actually he is the nicest most giving guy from quite a few interviews I've heard mention.

He was shot 3 times while in pursuit of a suspect. His assailant was about to put a final cap in him to finish him off when his partner clubbed the guy with his empty revolver.

After that episode (no pun) he battled depression, which was exacerbated by a rumour circulating that he really grew up to become porn star John Holmes (he didn't). Another Urban Legend had him grow up to become Alice Cooper (also not so).

Today he is a vintage car enthusiast and real estate investor. His stock broker is none other than Leave it Beaver co-star, Lumpy.
Posted by: Marty6697 on 2008-07-09 
Sounds like he unlike alot of actors, stayed with the Eddie Haskel persona. Some hate it some use it for what it's worth. I wonder how that went, somebody getting arrested by Eddie Haskel. Thankful he survived those gunshot wounds.
Posted by: Pfc on 2008-07-09 
He sure looks the same!