Posted by: sweets50 on 2008-04-27 
dang ,If I could have guessed and when you said Ingrid berman I thought NO WAY !! Then I looked again and those are her eye's... Great pic,, I would have never ever guessed this one !!
Posted by: Teresa on 2008-04-27 
i'm with you, Cathy . . i would have NEVER gotten that one . . i think she looks like my SISTER as a young girl!! LOL
Posted by: Cathy on 2008-04-27 
Wow T, you got me on that one!
Posted by: Teresa on 2008-04-26 
ok, guys . . here it is:

it's INGRID BERMAN. . this was a really tough one!
Posted by: donmac101 on 2008-04-26 
Looks like a very young Sandra Bullock to me, but probably this picture is back beyond her time.