Posted by: Naomi on 2008-03-09 
You've got to remember this was back in the 50's...I guess they thought the average John and Mary Doe could relate to this with no hype needed.

I can just barely remember Adlai Stevenson. His grandfather Adlai E. Stevenson I had been Vice President of the United States at one time.

As governor of the host state, Stevenson delivered a welcoming address to the delegates to the 1952 Democratic National Convention in Chicago so stirring that it may have helped stampede his nomination. Despite his protestations, the delegates drafted him, and he accepted the nomination with a speech that according to contemporaries, 'electrified the nation.'

'When the tumult and the shouting die, when the bands are gone and the lights are dimmed, there is the stark reality of responsibility in an hour of history haunted with those gaunt, grim specters of strife, dissension, and materialism at home, and ruthless, inscrutable, and hostile power abroad. The ordeal of the twentieth century —the bloodiest, most turbulent age of the Christian era—is far from over. Sacrifice, patience, understanding, and implacable purpose may be our lot for years to come. … Let’s talk sense to the American people! Let’s tell them the truth, that there are no gains without pains, that we are now on the eve of great decisions.'
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2008-03-09 
'Vote Stevenson. Vote Stevenson...a man you can believe in-son!' Who wrote those lyrics? A seven-year-old?