Posted by: DeshawnEllis on 2019-09-25 
This is an amazing commercial and I am glad that you've posted this here. I am going to tell my mate who are doing work to watch this commercial, as well. I am sure they will appreciate this a lot.
Posted by: roseanns1 on 2008-03-30 
being from an all italian family and growing up with the real deal this stuff should be outlawed. my american school chums had it and i thought i was missing out on something until i tried it at their house. yuk! my mom was right as usual.
Posted by: Dezurtdude on 2007-08-14 
They should have called it Barf-Ar-Dee! I hated that stuff as a kid!
Posted by: BillDerBerg on 2007-08-03 
... when I was in elementary school in the 70s, I absolutely loved all that Chez Boy-ar-dee faire - dang tasty... dat canned tomato sauce and cheesy pasta was to me. My family was poor, but if I brought home extra good marks on my report card, I might a thermos full of it in my school lunchbox... at least *sometimes* I would... most of the time though when I got good grades, I had to settle for watered-down Campbell's Vegetable Soup. ?:(
Posted by: Naomi on 2007-08-02 
This guy is about as Italian as George Bush. But back then, we didn't notice the bad accents, we were too busy looking at the food! I used to ask my mom to buy it all the time and she just shuddered at the thought. No Sicilian mother can think of her child eating sauce that comes out of a can!