Posted by: Nanook on 2009-11-15 
Music by Dominic Frontiere, lyrics by Howard Arch. Dominic also wrote music for: 12 O'clock High; Outer Limits; The F.B.I.; Rat Patrol; That Girl; The Flying Nun; Vegas, among other TV themes and a handful of film scores.
Posted by: EONSFTFAN on 2009-11-15 
Thanks for posting this!! I'd never seen the B/W opening and was only familiar with the color opening I saw on CBN(no ABC Family) reruns in the mid 80's.

This opening is also much longer than the color opening I remember.
Posted by: tommy7 on 2007-09-03 
did you kids sing...stranded,stranded,stranded on a toilet bowl what do you do when your stranded without a roll? to prove your a man you must use your hand to wipe your hole{fade]to wipe your hole SORRY!!
Posted by: eric1957 on 2007-08-18 
Mark Goodson and Bill Todman also produced The Rebel that starred Nick Adams.
Posted by: Mr.Nostalgia on 2007-08-05 

I enjoy this show along

withThe Rifleman.

The producers of this show

are TV game show creators and

producers:Mark Goodson and

Bill Todman.

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