Posted by: Sprucemoose on 2008-05-08 
Oh, how I remember this show! Richard Crenna was also featured on The Real McCoys, playing the father of the family, although Walter Brennan was the patriarch. If video clips are hard to find, at least the radio show survives.
Posted by: Ronalddean on 2008-03-01 
How did you ever find this. Thanks so much. I was crazy about Eve Arden and Miss Davis. She was a hoot. My favorite quote of her was they were out of ice because she hated filling all the little boxes in the trays. When I watched the Lucy Show. It just seemed like Mr Conklin again. Raising the roof. I admired Eve Arden leaving show business to raise her family. She was fantastic.
Posted by: Teresa on 2008-01-26 
i love Eve Arden . . here's a couple of TRIVIA entries for her:

***Eve Arden was one of three main co-stars on THE DANNY KAYE / PABST BLUE RIBBION SHOW radio program.

***Eve Arden got her stage name while looking over some cosmetics and spotting the names EVEning in PARIS and ELIZABETH ARDEN.