Posted by: beev50 on 2009-12-29 
I thought frisbee was a pie pan? Which said frisbee on it.
Posted by: Steve on 2008-01-18 
I thought Marty McFly invented the Frisbee!
Posted by: Marty6697 on 2008-01-18 
The frisbee was my Favorite. remember many days whipping a Frisbee around. Used to sling it make it move right before ya catch it, move up right before ya try to catch it, If ya could Lol Yup! Good excercise too! Most of the time slamming a few cold ones at same time Lol
Posted by: Naomi on 2008-01-18 
The ones with the little balls inside were the newer ones, I didn't have that in mine. It was just plain plastic, in different colors.
Posted by: Teresa on 2008-01-18 
i still HAVE one!! it has the little balls in it that make noise (just a plus for the parents who had to listen to it!!) LOL