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I liked it when westerns ruled the airwaves.
Posted by: Cliffy on 2008-03-11 
Chuck Connors fires twelve shots from this 11-round rifle during the opening credits. Seven shots in the first closeup as the credits open and then five more shots are shown as the camera switches to another view. Then he swings the rifle to cock it and reaches for a round from his shirt pocket. The rifle was chambered in .44-40 caliber which could be used as six-gun cartridges or rifle rounds.

The Rifleman's Rifle The trick feature of the rifle was a screw pin attached to the large loop lever which was positioned so as to trip the trigger when the ring was slammed home, thus allowing Lucas to rapid-fire the rifle, similarly to a semi-automatic pistol. The trigger trip screw pin was also used in two configurations. Sometimes Chuck had the screw head turned inside close to the trigger. Most of the times he had it on the outside of the trigger guard with a lock nut on the outside to further secure its position. In some of the episodes the screw was taken out completely when rapid fire action was not needed. When properly adjusted, this screw “squeezed” the trigger when the lever was fully closed
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I think thirteen shots! What you think Cliffy?
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People still wonder how many shots did Lucas (Chuck Connors) shoot at the beginning of The Rifleman?
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I remember A Cowboy In Africa. It was spun off from the movie Africa: Texas Style that starred Hugh O' Brian.