Posted by: Teresa on 2008-01-05 
on saw him on Chelsea Lately talking about his phobia . . and i love to watch that show . . i always wonder how badly he is cringing when contestants get excited and hug or pick him up!
Posted by: tommy7 on 2008-01-05 
He has a well known phobia about germs and shaking hands.And doesn't hide the fact.On deal or no deal he will make a fist and tap the other persons hand.Hey they don't call me Mr useless info. for nothing.
Posted by: Naomi on 2008-01-04 
OK, you knew I'd have to ask...How does Howie Mandel relate to this?
Posted by: tommy7 on 2008-01-04 
Posted by: Naomi on 2008-01-04 
That's interesting about Howard Hughes, considering years later he became a germ freak, wore gloves to protect himself and also used tissues to pick up objects in order to avoid germs. When he was younger he did have a bout with a STD (to put it nicely), which he received medical treatment for. His biographers have written that his doctors warned him not to shake hands for some time after his illness and he actually avoided doing so for the rest of his life.