Posted by: Musicollector on 2014-02-23 
I clearly remember a contestant on The Gong Show doing a poor job of this song when Jaye P. Morgan gonged him. Wow, those memories!
Posted by: Musicollector on 2014-02-23 
Great song!
Posted by: tommy7 on 2007-12-31 
I worked a night shift and my foreman foreperson would slam down 20 cent glasses of beer after work at the local derelict bar that opened 5am.And the patrons would all sing this song crying in their beers.sad but funny Naomi you need a chemical imbalance to understand Peter Max,Yellow Submarine I know 1st. hand.I don't get Andy Warhol or Picasso but get Dali Seen all at Met. Museum of Art N.Y.C. A must see takes several hrs. to view their collection!
Posted by: Sophia on 2007-12-31 
I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic.. I've always liked this song. Cathy, I think you have chosen a category that's going to keep you busy for a long time!
Posted by: Naomi on 2007-12-31 
Ugh..those 'Peter Maxx' designs were really worse than the song itself lol
Whenever I hear this I can't help but think back to when Carol Burnett sang it in one of her comedy skits.