Posted by: sweets50 on 2008-08-22 
OH I love this one !! I remember when it first came out and the first showing was great, People were fainting and vomiting all over the place.That was the very first night it opened in Chicago, I went to take my sister to see it the 3rd day it was out and it had been CUT !!! parts of the movie was cut and never to be seen again..My sister was much older than me but she was shaking like a leaf all the way home..hehehehehe But the best part....She lived in a garden apartment
when we got back to her place she realised she had no asprin for her bad headache so she went next door to her neighbor to borrow some. On her way back into the apartment she had to walk thru a gangway between the 2 apartment buildings..and And there I was waiting for her to walk past, I reached out the window and grabbed her ankle and said in my best devil voice SUZYYYYYYY where are you goinggggg???? Hahahahahahaha it was worth the beating !!! LOL LOL LOL to this day we still laugh about it but I make sure she is not within a arms length of me when I do mention it!!
LOL LOL ROFLMBO even after 20 years

Thanks for the flashback sneakysnake !! LOL LOL LOL
Posted by: tommy7 on 2007-09-04 
i remember standing on line to see it my schoolmate kissed and got linda blairs autograph
Posted by: Naomi on 2007-08-04 
Another great horror flic! Watch it every time it's on. I remember my mom and dad going to see it when it first came out, all he could talk about was how gross that pea soup scene was. He would never watch it again after that.
Posted by: eric1957 on 2007-07-31 
The hype about The Exorcist was similar to people seeing The Passion of the Christ.
Posted by: Sneakysnake on 2007-07-12 
what was u're older brother doing to a poor little 10 year old? taking him to a movie like that!! sounds like cruel and unusual punishment to me!! LOL