Posted by: Carl1957 on 2010-05-21 
I had several of these suits when I was a Junior and Senior in high school. Lime green, navy, light blue, brown, tan and black. I had those Quiana shirts as well. Remember those? I kinda miss them. They were extremely comfortable. Of course I had the platform shoes too. Parted my hair in the center and wore Brut too!
Posted by: Marty6697 on 2007-11-25 
My dad had one red and white checkered Yup
Posted by: Teresa on 2007-11-24 
u're not kidding, Eric!! i was on a band bus once . .just goofing around and took a bic to the rear end of a guy wearing polyester pants . .went up like that!!! i was HORRIFIED!!! i was just messing around!
Posted by: eric1957 on 2007-11-24 
Just stay away from open flame if your wore polyester.
Posted by: Old Fart on 2007-11-23 
I never had one but one of my younger brothers did.

It was funny how a lot of the older men bought into these especially my uncles LOL. Mr. Ferley on Threes Company comes to mind!