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Posted by: Sophia on 2007-11-14 
Last year he began appearing as a speaker at a series of motivational events called Get Motivated, along with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. In his speeches on the tour, he openly criticized the Bush Administration on a number of issues.

And this past July he revealed that he spent two and a half hours trying to persuade George W. Bush not to invade Iraq but that he did not prevail upon the U.S. President. At the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado Powell stated, I tried to avoid this war. I took Bush through the consequences of going into an Arab country and becoming the occupiers.

Powell went on to say that he believed Iraq was in a state of civil war. The civil war will ultimately be resolved by a test of arms. It's not going to be pretty to watch, but I don't know any way to avoid it. It is happening now. He further noted, It is not a civil war that can be put down or solved by the armed forces of the United States, and suggested that all the U.S. military could do was put a heavier lid on this pot of boiling sectarian stew.

And that is what Colin Powell has been up to recently.
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I always respected Colin Powell Wow whats he up to now hes a Distinguished Veteran
Posted by: Teresa on 2007-11-14 
OH MAN. . .THAT REALLY HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That's a first lol