Posted by: Sneakysnake on 2007-07-06 
roger maris was one of my heroes too. how cool to break Babe Ruth's home run record on the last day of the season! when was that? '60 or '61?

Posted by: Steve on 2007-07-05 
I don't know about the smoking but the drinking is what did him in right to the end.

He and Rodger Marris were my heros back then!
Posted by: BKV on 2007-07-05 
Man, you don't see Athletes doing Cigarette ads anymore
Posted by: Marie on 2007-07-05 
absolutely!! i remember when my mom was pregnant with my youngest sister . .she would have a cocktail with the neighbors and think nothing of it!
Posted by: Freckles on 2007-07-05 
Back then we expected our heros to smoke and drink.