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In the summer of 1982, some family friends who knew one of the inventors of Trivial Pursuit (I don't know which one) told us about this game that was about to be released. They had played it and thought it had great potential to be very popular. I was told about the $1,000 investment opportunity but, alas, I declined. (I was 18 at the time and $1,000 was a staggerng amount of money to me.)

Later that summer my family and I visited the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. There was a small booth where Trivial Pursuit was being sold. Hardly anyone was interested. I think the price per game was $29.95. Because we had heard good things about it, we eagerly bought a game set and lugged it around the exhibition grounds the rest of the day.

I still have that original set and all the pieces. It's been well used.