Posted by: Wikiriwhi on 2007-12-20 
I always suspected Gleason was as shifty in real life as he appeared on film.
Posted by: tommy7 on 2007-10-09 
well what im trying to say i guess is if i had a choice for an operation obese smoking doctor or the opposite unless the track record of the heavy dr. was better its like dr phils best selling weight loss book those who can do those who cant teach my cuz lost 120lbs my dad and him are the only ones alive im from a large obese(PUN?) irish family ie:45,48,52,61,dead from food od's so im adament i realize it has nothing to do with intelligence and im sorry if i offended there is a solution to that feeling i care about people!!! again im sorry and i gave up addiction myself to save my life live on PLEASE...
Posted by: Larry on 2007-10-06 
It seems to me that people like Tommy 7 making up there own minds is the reason our country is in the shape it's in now.It would be a great day for the human race when a lot of people stop judgeing other people on there looks alone. They should look inside a person and then STILL NOT judge them.
Posted by: Naomi on 2007-10-06 
I agree with you Sophia, weight does not make the man.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-10-06 
Yay, Sophia! I'm not exactly a featherweight myself. Thanks for defending us portly chaps.