Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-10-31 
Shirley Temple will celebrate her 80th birthday in March. What a remarkable life she's had!
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-09-30 
Indeed, Shirley always had age-appropriate dialogue in her movies. Nothing phony about her. She was the object of my intense love--when I was seven. (I still think I'd faint if I ever got the opportunity to meet her.)
Posted by: Naomi on 2007-09-30 
She was one adorable little girl. Again, nothing like what you have now. Remember the little one in Full House?? The dialogue was so phony, and kids that age just don't say those things in real life. If our kids talked to us the way the kids talk to their parents today in the sitcoms, they'd be walking around with a permanent bar of soap in their little mouths lol