Posted by: Jhonmaik on 2021-01-29 
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Posted by: TheSaint on 2009-10-29 
Laura - I agree. They mostly all do it now. Christina Agulara (sp?) almost always actually sings but most of the others don't. It seems the more heavy dance the less they sing or they would be out of breathe.

Of course when Britney performs... we are out of breathe :)
Posted by: Cherokee on 2009-10-28 
I agree. Isn't it strange that what then caused a complete downfall means absolutley nothing now. So it goes.
Posted by: Laura on 2009-10-16 
I'm surprised no one is commenting on how all the artists today are lip syncing. So many examples caught on tape the last couple of years. Yet he had to lose his life because of it!