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Posted by: Electricland on 2009-03-31 
I just blew it didn't I?

I made another electric typo!

I am characteristically becoming like the Oscar gal on here. She is great! So much to say about anything.

Yeah, that is kinda cool, don't ya think? :)

Everyone on YRT is cool.

We all need to be cool at some point in our day. :-)
Posted by: Electricland on 2009-03-31 
Really! :0

I feel so happy now on YRT! Is the grab bag a big deep bag or is it rather small and puny. I would like to get my hands on a BIG prize, something really cool and hip.

Now that I think of it, can you send it by airmail? Is postage and handling included in the Gold Star special prize?

I just can't wait to get a proze from you.

I have a question about your avatar.

What is it? It looks like a ship of somekind. Maybe a car? A game console?

What is it?

Anyway, I am interested in grabbing myself more of those Golden Stars, I really want to get my hands on that BIG grab bag. it has too be something good inside, right?

Oh, and I promise not to make anymore typos ...I do type really fast on YRT.


Posted by: MizzouHillbilly on 2009-03-31 
Yes Electricland, you have earned your first Gold Star. 10 Gold Stars gets you a chance at a special prize from the grab bag.