Posted by: Nbmike on 2009-03-31 
In the studio, you can take months or even years to get the recording just right (Boston took years getting the song Amanda, which was released in 1986, just right, with a bootleg copy being circulated in 1983), but some groups have a hard time replicating the sound of the recordings. Some groups have musicians who can replicate the sound, but The Raspberries don't seem to be of this particular ilk. I think Eric Carmens best suited as a songwriter anyways. He wrote 2 songs that Shaun Cassidy had hits with in the 70s (Thats Rock and Roll, and Hey Deanie) and also wrote the love theme to Footloose, Almost Paradise, sung by Mike Reno and Ann Wilson.
Posted by: Steve on 2009-03-30 
Wow, did they bother to do a sound check?? Audio was all over the place!
Posted by: Marty6697 on 2009-03-30 
Yup a Gooden! The Mike Douglas Show!
Posted by: Mia_bambina on 2009-03-29 
I have heard this song before, and always loved it! What happened, this day? They might of never sold a record if it sounded anything like that did!!!
(then I would never ever heard this pretty sweet song)
Posted by: Pfc on 2009-03-29 
Great song!