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Do You Remember Remember these? 45 RPM record adapters which allowed us to play our 45s on our small spindled stereo record players when we didn't have the 45 adapter that came with the stereo. They came in all sorts of colors but all I have left are the black ones. I've shown these to a number of younger people and most of them don't know what they are... even some 30 year olds. Where have all the flowers gone, eh?
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Added: 27th August 2007
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Posted By: jimmyjet
Posted by: Old Fart on 2007-08-27 
LOL I have a bunch of yellow ones, great to bring out as a trivia question to show people.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-08-27 
I have a bunch of fancy yellow ones somewhere. My 12-year-old niece gets a kick out of playing my records whenever she visits.

A few years ago Jay Leno did one of his Jay-Walking segments and asked a bunch of people born in 1980 what a 45 was. They all said a 45 was a gun. Sad, huh?
Posted by: Naomi on 2007-08-27 
Mee too, along with that long metal thingy that goes over the spindle to hold several 45's.
Posted by: Marty6697 on 2007-08-27 
show a kid an Lp They think just a big CD Times are a changing and fast you know I hate the worst cell phones stuck to everybodys ears Driving etc oh well Have a good evening
Posted by: BillDerBerg on 2007-08-27 
Vinyl is god... IMO nothing sounds better for recorded music other than analog tape... especially the 2 Ampex reel to reel kind once used by professsional recording studios. Some studios however, are still using the analog format for mixing to a master tape, but many have gone the all digital route for everything, using hard disk recorders like ProTools or Logic...

As far as digital goes, with the advent of MP3... the iTunes/iPod and lossless codec formats such as FLAC... CDs will soon be on the way out for listening to recorded music as well. So touche` for the CD.

Back to topic... some time ago there was a Japanese man who invented a rather expen$ive turntable (around $14,000 US) which uses a laser to read vinyl records, much like a CD player would. He has a website... just Google laser turntable and the first results will get you to the site. However, IMO I don't think that particular player can sound quite as good as pure analog one... mostly because a magnetic pickup and its attached diamond sylus are key elements to preserving the vinyl phonograph sound... and his machine still needs be converted from a digital state back to an analog one to be heard.

Posted by: Cliffy on 2007-08-27 
Wow Bill sure sounds like you know your stuff! I think most of us on this site cannot hear the difference because of age and the young ones can't from blasting it.
Posted by: Jimmyjet on 2007-08-28 
Thanks for all your comments folks. It's nice to know that there are still some older 'birds of a feather' who know what these are. Many thanks to YRT also for hosting this website. I think it's greaat! I wish more 12-year-olds would enjoy playing records today. I still play my records on my Garrard turntable all the time. I agree that analog reel to reel tape still sounds the best, especially played through a preamp and good quality stereo speakers. I would be very sad to see CDs go by the wayside. I still buy a number of CDs with music I like from years gone by so that I can transfer the songs back onto my reel to reel tapes. (Reverse engineering.) The music quality is only as good as what was on the CD in the first place, but I can get over two hours of music onto just one side of a 10 1/2 reel. Besides, I'd rather run my tape deck than a CD player any day.
Posted by: tommy7 on 2007-09-03 
there were metal ones also and my dad had some red 45 records he said if the person had died they put them out in red vinyl TRUE???
Posted by: tommy7 on 2007-09-03 
mp3s dont sound as good as cds but who can tell now since video killed the radio star i suck after yrs of strat playing face lift gun a little crack video camera rhyming dictionary im jealous i could of been mike and ike like enimen
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